June Concert Reviews

HAIM/Faye Webster at Daily’s Place

Newly-famed sister trio, HAIM, and Atlanta-based indie darling, Faye Webster, made a grand appearance at Daily’s Place last month, bringing fans from all sorts. Webster opened the show, singing sweet nothings to a lightly-packed crowd lost in a raucous chatter. Webster is endearing and relatable, she has an awkward but confident air about her, she knows she’s funny…haha. Dressed in a cobalt-blue, oversized shirt dress she swayed her mullet and sang as perfectly as she does on her album. Webster was kind to her distracted audience and quickly left the stage after the set, expecting no encore from the HAIM-hungry crowd. The sisters finally took the stage after a prolonged set adjustment, waving the arms of their minimally dressed bodies just as eagerly as the crowd. I’m not keen on pop but the girls did put on a show, the fans ate up the planned set interruptions and quirky dialogue throughout. I was mainly focused on whether they were actually playing their instruments or not but no one seemed to care much about that and anyway that conspiracy was debunked by the blue-man-group-style drum solo they exploded into half-way through the show. The pit filled more and more throughout the night with fans finding their way through the wristband wranglers. By the end of the set, the rowdy bunch was called back for a planned encore where confetti cannons were ignited, they know their pop…haha. Overall, a very fun show though I wish Faye had gotten more attention. –Rain Henderson   


The Lumineers/CAAMP at Daily’s Place 

Fortunately for us, popular neo-folk group, The Lumineers, kicked off their North American leg of the “Brightside World Tour” here in Jacksonville with two concerts booked back to back at Daily’s Place. In attendance the first night, Daily’s was filled like I’d never experienced for a powerfully raw and honest performance. American folk group, CAAMP, got the crowd’s energy up with a twangy opener. Lead singer, Taylor Meier, rocked a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey. The Lumineers opened with “Brightside”, performing on a special stage that wound throughout the pit, creating a dock for Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraits to walk amongst the sea of screaming fans. Everyone in the pit and all upper three decks of seats were on their feet moving, dancing and fully engaged with the performers, something I had never seen before. Even the row of eight frat boys sitting in front of me were caught red-handed singing along to their popular tune “Ophelia”. The setlist covered the entirety of their music catalog, including their covers of Talking Heads “Naive Melody” (my favorite song of all time) and Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. As Wesley put it in our interview before the show, he finally feels as though “they have enough arrows in their quiver” to create a show filled to their liking. To hear more from Wesley tap below for a link to the interview. –Vincent Dalessio