May Horoscopes

Kale Boucher


Happy birthday! No bull, a major relationship change may be headed your way. It’ll leave you with more wiggle room, but don’t fill that space with any major spending. If you’re wanting some retail related serotonin, use the birthday money Grammy sent you. Save your own cash for next month.


Slow motion redirection. We’re talking three-point turn at a snail’s pace. You’re ready to make some moves toward a new goal, but be aware of any shifts in your environment that could cause a collision.


You’re doing great, sweetie! Make sure to share your successes! Your accomplishments will attract people who are in a similar place, and together you’ll achieve so much more.


To your excitement, you have total encouragement to put your needs first right now. Be mindful of all the groups you find yourself engaged with. You may want to shift who you consider your mains and secondaries.


You’ve got your perfect little checklist, and you want everything completed according to plan. Sorry, hun, life is messy. Remember to breathe and recognize any hiccups as an opportunity for improvement. If you always have your way, you’ll miss out on the detours that make growth possible.


Passion and meaningful connection have you making a lot of headway in the more invisible areas of life. Make sure to stay grounded and get your responsibilities completed. With them out of the way, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the healing energy you’ve got going on.


You’re molting. (Scorpions do that; don’t worry, I looked it up). Shedding beliefs that others instilled in you for your own. It’s your season of who am I and what am I doing? Achieve integrity by shifting your behavioral patterns to match your values.


And so it begins, a new era of life. Make the conscious choice now: what will be the cornerstone of this chapter? A business, a relationship, a new power suit?


A slow down in your work life means self-care, softness and emphasis on the home. Write a list of the little things that make you happy and make a conscious effort to work them into your month.


Your ability to scheme is at its peak right now. You can use your strategic vision to exact your work goals or absolutely annihilate at game night. Choose wisely.


Your interpersonal relationships will be rocky, but your relationship with yourself will be solid. So, focus internally. Avoid any conflict or serious conversations until you feel your foot leave your mouth.


The universe is going to start bombarding you with possibility. Hone in on what opportunities you desire to avoid any distraction or hesitation. Loss of focus may lead to you missing out on something you have been manifesting.