Dear Dumbs

Oh how I need your misguided wisdom. Oh, and how I love your podcast. It’s the best podcast out there on so many levels. You’re way too funny.

Now, back to me.

I’m almost 60 years old and I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I recently had to end my relationship with a man I’ve been with for 22 years. First I should let you know a little about me. I’ve never been married. I have my own business and I’ve done quite well for myself. I’ve made some great decisions and will be able to retire in April 2023.

I’m not allowed to get into the details, but what I can tell you is that I caught this man stealing from me. It was sad, ugly and a complete shock to all. It was so egregious that I immediately had to get the police involved. He has since flattened my tires, kicked in my passenger side door and spray painted “whore” on my garage door. Misspelled by the way. What is a “hore.” He’s really showed his true colors.

I can handle almost all of this. It’s business and I know how to do that. However I am having an issue with a broken heart. I trusted the man and loved him deeply. There were never any signs of this behavior in our entire relationship. He was always supportive and respectful. He was THE one. This entire experience has left me not trusting myself. Do you think the right person is out there for me? Is 60 too late?

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Mandy S.

Palm Coast, FL.

TERRY: Give me a minute here. “Hore?”

SHARI: Yes, I believe it’s a wildflower found only in the Atacama desert of Chile, but that’s not important now. I do wonder if this jerk had a job though. Would be good to know.

TERRY: As usual, we always have more questions. That being said, congratulations on all your success, Mandy. I get the feeling here that you might be thinking that you’re better at business than in your love life and I hope that’s not the case.

SHARI: Mandy, what you need is a good old pep talk. Please remember that you’ve accomplished so much, especially being a single woman. To be able to retire at 60 is a huge feat for anyone. Kudos to you! You obviously have good instincts even if you chose some lazy, morally corrupt individual to share your life with. These manipulative types know what they’re doing. They many not be able to spell but they do know how to work a room. This is by no means your fault. It happens to the best of people.

TERRY: Yes Mandy, you’re not the first person to choose poorly. And Shari is right. You just need a minor pep talk. You did the hard stuff already. I can’t tell you how many people I know that would forgive the person and try to continue on with the relationship. You taking care of the business end is something I don’t see many people do. You should have your own Ted Talk – “How to Take Control of Your Life After an Encounter With a Loser.”

SHARI: I’d go to that talk.

TERRY: Hey wait a minute.

SHARI: Nothing to do with you Terry. But if you should choose to dump me, I need to be prepared.

Seriously though, Mandy you need to trust yourself again. There is absolutely someone for you. I would even suggest several someones. Put yourself out there and trust that not all guys are losers. But also don’t rush into anything and put him in a position to be ABLE to steal from you. I’m talking individual bank accounts for a start. Even if you end up cohabitating. And definitely DON’T share your password to anything with him. It’s just good sense.

TERRY: Well, if I do dump you Shari I’ll make sure I park my car somewhere else.

Yes, Shari is 100% right in protecting yourself from any more jerks. But I think it’s very important for you not to take this personal. It’s has nothing to do with you. This was a crime of opportunity. You will absolutely find the right person. You have a long, exciting life ahead of you. Please give us an update when you do.