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Love and Knowledge

It’s February, the month of romance. When chocolate hearts and teddy bears take over as the representation of love. Flowers are bought, and dinner plans are reserved. But for some, it’s the time to take that next step in the relationship. To ask that question for forever.

But what comes after the “Yes!”? 

The planning.

This includes the dress, venue, color scheme, everything that creates someone’s dream wedding.

But how long does a couple have?

For some, a wedding can be created in a month, that’s if you want a casual wedding or an elopement. But for those that have a specific vision for their wedding, these things take time. Yes, wedding dresses and bridesmaid’s dresses come in many colors, but ordering them takes months. Hence why some weddings can take a year to create.

As a former bridal stylist, I have engaged with over a thousand brides excited for their big day. All never the same, but many unknowing of how much time is needed for ordering a dress and reap the consequences.

However, some brides can’t help it. Life is unexpected. Plans can fall through. And it’s more common than many think. There can be unexpected pregnancies or health issues in the family. There are things that become more important than the initial wedding date.

Whatever the reason, if time is cut short and the bride cannot order the dress, there are other options. And, for peace of mind, just know that your stylist has experienced this situation more than they can count and they will try to find a way to help you feeling relieved.

Sometimes, creating a wedding isn’t easy, hence why there are bridal stylist and wedding planners. While a couple can create their wedding without help, knowing some of this given information might save time and tears. And while I could give hundreds more of tips, here are few that can go a long way ~ 

  1. Sizing in the bridal world is completely different – size does not matter.
  2.   If the dress is tight already, a brand-new dress will be tighter since no one has worn it before. Go up a size and alter to your figure.
  3. If you cannot order, but the dress fits and you’re feeling beautiful, that might mean the dress is truly for you. There’s your chance, take the dress off the rack!
  4. If you want that black wedding dress look, you can! Just know that takes over six to eight months to ship.
  5. When buying a dress, remember alterations are separate.
  6. Make an appointment for anything you are doing bridal; you deserve the help.
  7. Weekends at bridal stores are very busy. For more intimate appointments, I recommend weekdays.
  8. Not saying your budget can’t get you something lovely, but if you want a lot of detail in your wedding dress, the cost will be higher.
  9. Ordering your bridal party dresses takes just as long, if not longer, due to the color the bride wants. The more unique, the more time to dye and ship. Three months is not early. At least six months, preferably eight.
  10. The more opinions the harder it is to decide. This is your wedding, not your family’s or your friends, yours. My advice, the smaller the group, the easier it is for you to find your dress.
  11.   Not everyone cries when they find the one, it’s how you feel. Your confidence is what is important, not your tears.

 So, for those in love and are taking big steps in their relationships, I hope I helped your dress hunt just a bit because every bride deserves to walk in a store with confidence, knowing that no matter what dress they love, they will have the time to ship it and still have the time for alterations.







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