A Legacy in the Making

Here in Jacksonville, an up-and-coming clothing brand is making a name for itself with designs that are heavily inspired by honoring family and those who have passed.

For years, twin brothers Andre and Jahvaun Carriere wanted to create something that represented themselves, and their passion for family. 

“We were skateboarders, we liked fashion, and we wanted to just own something and say it’s ours,” said Andre.

After countless tries to come up with the perfect name, they decided on “Dracarrj” (pronounced druh-CAR-jah) Supply Company. The inspiration of the word came from Jahvaun when he blended their first names with their last.

Together, they were the perfect team. Jahvaun handled the business side, while Andre was the artist. After creating the business name, the logo and the designs, it was time for Jahvaun to put in the trademark information for their brand. The twin brothers were finally seeing their dream become a reality.

All was halted two weeks later. On September 27, 2014, Jahvaun was involved in a car accident and passed away. He was only 18 years old.

With Jahvaun gone, Andre then had to make the decision to stop moving forward with the business or continue the dream they both wanted to pursue together.

“His death sparked a motivation and drive in me to work harder than ever for us both,” said Andre, “to finish the job we started and to keep his legacy alive forever.”

Andre launched Dracarrj Supply Company in 2019. Only now, he had more designs which incorporated the importance of family—and Jahvaun.

Over time, Andre became the businessman he never thought he could be and knows it came from the love and help of his twin brother.

“We talk all the time,” said Andre. “It’s twin telepathy.”

Today, Dracarrj Supply Company has been expanding and now honors more than just Jahvaun’s legacy. After the passing of his brother, Andre lost close friends. To honor them, he created designs for them, as well, and put them on his apparel in remembrance.

“It’s about my brother, but at the same time, it’s about anybody that has lost somebody,” said Andre. “Keeping the legacy alive is something that resonates within everybody, and I feel like it’s something that everybody can be touched by.”

What was initially for Andre and his twin brother has grown beyond its origin story and is becoming a local fashion line for everyone.

“It steered away from my friends buying it to strangers buying it to strangers loving it,” said Andre. “Everybody has been on board with it, beyond my expectations. I’m on to something.”

Andre is beyond proud how far the fashion created by him and Jahvaun has grown. But that doesn’t mean that he is anywhere near finished. Andre is still creating and dreaming big for Dracarrj Supply Company.

“Dracarrj is more than just an average clothing brand; it’s a legacy,” said Andre.

The community can see the brothers’ dream in action at a Dracarrj Supply Company fashion show on January 29 at 700 E. Union St., featuring new products and collabs with other local brands.

For more information, visit dracarrjsupplyco.com or follow @Dracarrj on Instagram.



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