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When Lenny Curry stood at the podium in Riverfront Plaza last June announcing Street League Skateboarding’s Super Crown Championship stop in Downtown, the skateboarding community stood divided. This weekend proved the Super Crown to be a uniting force that Jacksonville needed.

Downtown buzzed with energy as herds of skaters pushed through the streets to the park, a sight rarely seen these days. The crowd was dominated by the youth, but people of all ages experienced skaters and kooks and non-skaters scattered the stands. The 4,000 seats were filled, and the standing room was packed to the gills. Although the opposition still showed face in the form of “Skateboarding is a Crime” t-shirts and skaters choosing to skate the curb out front of the makeshift arena rather than watch the event, they still were there, showing up to represent Jacksonville.

SLS skater, Enjoi Pro and Thrasher’s January cover subject, Samarria Brevard, talked about her appreciation for this city.

“Jacksonville really showed up and showed out for us. All the skaters showed out but I think Jacksonville actually won it. As far as the crowds go, they were supportive the whole time and I loved the energy. This is sparking so many people right now,” she said. “So many little girls are getting sparked up. I’ve met so many little kids already that are just super hyped, and this made them even more hype, so I think it’s gonna explode everything”

SLS holding the Super Crown in Jacksonville will have a lasting impact on this community. The world’s top representation of skateboarding went down in an area of Jax that needed it most, the Urban Core. Skateboarding is an incredible outlet for kids and this event has made the skate community more visible to the rest of the Jacksonville population and showed the attendees its value as an outlet for kids looking for a path in life.

The photo gallery below is a testament to Jacksonville unity.


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april, 2022