November Horoscopes

You’ve come to feel comfortable in who you are, though you still identify as formless. It might seem that your partner is a loose cannon – remain as solid as you are. Supplement with affection and long conversations.

You will deal with everything going on beneath the surface. The aim to better yourself could be stifled by something in the workplace, if not by your hostile self-talk. Lean on your words and your money.

With a look in the mirror, you’ll find that you are more beautiful than ever. Your social life will come to the forefront, and you will receive downloads in conversation on building a better world. Pursue your leisure time aggressively.

A new height in your career will have you floating on a cloud on top of the world. Mayhem in your home life will bring you back to earth. Keep it confidential. It’s a good time to make plans for the future as you are thinking big but playing it safe.

Don’t be scared to ask for what you deserve. On your quest for meaning, your dreams keep getting bigger, your actions more intentional. A broken car and imaginary limitations can’t stop you from getting there.

Numbers are on your mind, the ones in your pocket, the ones that you wish to have. Create a budget to avoid overspending, make room for fun with friends. Your natural charm on the job could bring you new opportunities for growth.

Pick your poison: love or work? There’s nothing to sacrifice but something to give. A new page will turn in your relationship. You’re bringing the turbulence. Your partner will provide stable ground for you to walk on. Be sweet.

Your backed-up responsibilities will spill out in front of you to trigger a dark spot in your mind. Take care of the mess and your health to get your head together. Expect harsh words in the workplace. Fire back with a snide remark.

Financial opportunities begin to open up when you do what you love. The turmoil in your friend group might go right over your head – you’ll be too busy experiencing pure joy and reading love letters addressed to you.

Your day-to-day tasks will soon be bubbling with pleasure. Family takes on a new meaning for you, though it might be at odds with your position in the world. Balance it all on the awareness of the life you want to live.

You’ll romanticize your life and the darkness within it. A different commute will lead the way to the life you always wanted. Find virtue in small talk with friendly neighbors. To philosophize is too much.

You’ve found your wishing well, it’s dripping with gold. Each reflection that your eye catches creates a new vision, every glimmer has healing powers. Don’t get ahead of yourself when it comes to investments.

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