​​Best Halloween Films on Streaming- By Harry Moore

As the wind turns cold, the leaves turn brown and pumpkins become readily available, it becomes time to say goodbye to the summer season and prepare yourself for the next.
Horror enthusiasts never need an excuse to fire up some of their favorite monster flicks, but for the rest of us, the Halloween season provides just the reason to get your fear on.
Being spooky is for all ages, and there’s more than just gore fests to watch this Halloween. Here are my choices for of some of the best options current available for streaming:

Halloween (1978) – Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Michael Myers may be back in theaters in the latest installment Halloween Kills, but nothing can top the sheer creepiness of Michael stalking Laurie Strode in the background of scenes on a crisp fall day. Available on Shudder.

Hocus Pocus – Perfect for kids (and especially kids at heart), this family film about three witches causing chaos is bound to get you nostalgic for the ‘90s and snacking on candy in no time. The long-awaited sequel is expected to be released around Halloween next year, so a rewatch of the original is absolutely needed. Available on Disney +

The Fear Street trilogy – Netflix released this slasher trilogy over the summer, so now is the perfect time to binge all three of them. Based on the R.L. Stein book series of the same name, the films are set in the fictional town of Shadyside where a mystical killer is on the loose. Each installment is set farther back in time, revealing more of the killer’s background and the town’s secrets. Available on Netflix.

The Invisible Man (2020) – This modern update of the classic monster movie manages to use heavy themes such as domestic violence and mental health to tell an incredibly intense tale of a woman trying to escape a man nobody can see. Elisabeth Moss delivers an excellent performance in this thriller. Available on HBO Max.

The Lighthouse – Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe play a pair of lighthouse keepers marooned on a remote island with nothing to do but drink and slowly go insane. This twisty chiller will leave questioning your own sanity before its unforgettable final shot. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Corpse Bride – Tim Burton’s stop-motion film is a beautifully designed, gothic creation. Johnny Depp stars as a man who inexplicably finds himself in the land of the dead and betrothed to a murdered woman. This visually delightful musical is suitably spooky for kids of all ages. Available on HBO Max.

You’re Next – A twist on the home invasion thriller, this blood-soaked film is just about as much fun as you can have watching a family try desperately to survive against a group of masked killers. Full of twists and turns. Go in knowing as little as possible. Available on Hulu.

Final Destination Series – Why pick one when you can have the whole thing? Each installment follows a group of characters who manage to survive a near-death experience, only for them to be picked off one by one in a series of excessively coordinated accidents. Absolutely not for the squeamish. You will never feel comfortable driving behind a logging truck again. Available on HBO Max.