October Entertainment Go-To-Guide 2021

Here you’ll find a little bit of everything for everyone. Country music, cornhole, basement shows, football what-have-yous. Know how many hearts an octopus has? Trivia night could be your new thing! Still in the band you started in the shed behind your mom’s house 10 years ago? Put your talent to the test! Still indifferent about social gatherings? Not to worry, we have a movie list so good you won’t have to leave your couch for at least another week. Despite your weekly sightings of the same four people milling about the grocery store, Jacksonville is bigger than the four aisles you repeatedly find yourself on and has tons to offer entertainment wise. So we stuffed our Excel sheets, filled the phone lines and filtered through emails to compile our go-to, must-see, best-liked, most-loved, dearest-desirable-destinations known as the Folio/EU entertainment guide. Enjoy!