Virgo Season Horoscopes

For Virgo Season, this month comes bearing fruits of focus, routine, and service. Work on your health and clean out your refrigerator. Happy harvest everyone.

VIRGO  An elusive character came and went with the summer sun. The departure’s part of a lesson you need to learn, something healthy, habitual and close to home. Surround yourself with as many flowers as you can afford. 

LIBRA  There’s virtue in the way you speak, in the way you are. Time will open up for you to express yourself the way you’ve been wanting to. Think about what the message is before you say it out loud.

SCORPIO  You will be beautiful by yourself and powerful in the face of your desires. Say a prayer for a friend you haven’t met yet. Make a wish for all of the bounties to come. A secret longing could come over you—you can keep it to yourself for now. 

SAGITTARIUS  Your reputation and your place in the world is heavy on your mind, but what’s new? There’s a chance to go back and say what you need to say. Maybe your heart was on someone else, but now it’s time to shine on your own. 

CAPRICORN   Go out on a limb, out of the house, even if just to the library. Write about it at the park. Between philosophizing and riding your bike, you’ll be busy in your leisure time, and work is where you’ll really shine. There you are well-liked. 

AQUARIUS  You’ll run into other people’s money, other people’s bodies, as you get a taste for the essence of the earth beyond city limits. Find yourself at the top of the sky, just past the middle of the night, between two glowing lights. 

PISCES   You came into your body for a bit, now go back into your mind. Read between the lines. It’s a good time to find clarity about cloudy matters through conversation. You’re looking for devotion and depth. You will find conflict and resolution. 

ARIES   Vivid dreams and synchronicities light you up from inside. Your body and the way it moves about, the things you do every day, is what makes you shine. You’ll enjoy some peace in your relationships. Dialogue will be clearest when it’s one on one.

TAURUS  Pleasure, passion and performance—you’re reaching a peak of creative output. With a little discipline you’ll be in the perfect place to reap its rewards. Stay quiet and sort out the clutter in your desk.

GEMINI   Who are you to the world and what are you trying to accomplish? Ask your parents for advice. Express truth and love from the core of your heart. Keep it close to home as the summer sun dims and you turn the HVAC off. 

CANCER   Your heart’s on your sleeve under a sweater. You’ll be busy, your energy scattered and your activities overwhelming, but the sweetness you crave is the same simple kind that you’ve always known and loved. 

LEO  You’ll go back to that person that’s teaching you a lesson until it’s learned. You’ll find that it’s not you, it’s what you’ve got, and what are they doing for you that others cannot? Win the rest of the world over with your words.

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