New Music Radar: “Split in Two” by Shane Malone

Shane Malone by Jacob Cummings

Singer-Songwriter Gillian Welch once wrote in her song “Everything is Free” about the commodification of art, and quitting it all just to live a normal and pleasant life. The thing is, that even at the writer’s most existential, she still chose to write a song about it instead of throwing in the metaphorical towel. That’s because for most artists, you simply can’t escape the art. 

Shane Malone is feeling a lot like Gillian Welch these days, stuck at a crossroads between his music and his college path of computer science. He wants to, as the title would suggest, “Split in Two,”  in order to both pursue music and a normal life. 

If you’ve ever heard a Shane Malone song the sound will be instantly recognizable to you: intricate guitars, lots of reverb, deep vocals and a peppy melody taken out of Vampire Weekend’s subconscious. 

What perhaps sets it apart from any other Malone number is the lyrics, full of metaphor, imagery, and more urgency that ever before. “Born with the bulls next to Gemini skies / I walk alone and the path divides / Looking through chameleon eyes / A hopeful heart and a skeptical mind” he feverishly rambles off in the first verse. It’s a lyrical push that proves he may be more like Gillian Welch than a coder, but what’s wrong with writing songs and code at the same time?

For fans of Mac Demarco, Alvvays, and Ween