The Truth Behind Mother’s Day

In this Millennial Moms: How Mother’s Day often puts more pressure on moms.

Guys, let’s talk about Mother’s Day for a second because if I’m being truthful, I have a little bone to pick with it. 

  First and foremost, I wholeheartedly believe that mothers deserve to be appreciated and loved every single day of the year, and that appreciation and love shouldn’t just be showcased on one, solitary day. Second of all, I want to just throw this out there: let’s normalize Mother’s Day looking like whatever you want it to be. 

  Maybe you want it to look like breakfast in bed, a bouquet of beautiful flowers, a piping hot cup of coffee and an hour to yourself to just get lost in a book. 

  Maybe you want it to look like a homemade card and your favorite chocolate bar. 

  Maybe you want it to look like a family outing to the park, lunch at your favorite restaurant, a few board games and cuddling up on the couch together, watching every Star Wars movie ever made. 

  Maybe you want it to look no different than the day before. Your kids still request everything from you and literally suck your soul right out of your body. The dishes sit piled high in the sink. The laundry sits waiting to be folded, and your husband still needs you to help him find “that thing” he hasn’t been able to find for the last three hours. 

  Maybe it looks like a big glass of wine and a long, hot bubble bath. Maybe it looks like a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream all to yourself. 

  Maybe it looks like you having the entire day to yourself, all alone, doing whatever it is you want to do. You can sleep in late, while your spouse takes the kids for the day. You can binge watch true crime documentaries, read a few books, eat the last box of Thin Mints and have a date or two with your vibrator.

  My point is simple—don’t let Mother’s Day be dictated by anyone else but you. You deserve to enjoy yourself, no matter how that may look. 

  If you crave nothing more than to just be away from your family, even if for one day, then so be it. That does not mean you are ungrateful, unloving or a bad mother because sometimes we need that time away to recharge and continue being the awesome moms that we are. 

  So, a happy Mother’s Day to you all out there. I hope it’s everything you want and more, and if it’s not, there’s always the day after Mother’s Day. 

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