The LOL Jax Film Fest Returns

The LOL Jax Film Fest, North Florida’s premier comedy event, takes place August 14th and 15th. Filmmakers, stand-up comedians and skit actors bring their best material to see who can fill the MOSH Planetarium with the most laughter. Organizers Monique and Adam Madrid are returning with their event for the fifth year and are more excited than ever. The festival has become a staple for Jax jesters after sweeping Folio’s Best of Jax the past three years. 

It’s an atomic collider for creatives, fostering an environment of growth and partnership. Not only is the festival a great place to receive feedback on your work, but the network connections could catapult your career to the next level. Past winners of the festival have become successful nationally and internationally.

Monique said, “Comedians don’t have to be out there by themselves; they can be writers or they can be actors in films and the same thing with filmmakers. So let’s collaborate together and make it one big rainbow community in regards to the arts.”

The LOL actually stands for “love our locals;” the motivation behind the festival is community. Last year they gave all profits back through organizations like Jacksonville Arts and Music Festival. 

“Were hoping to keep innovating cool ways to keep giving back to the community to inspire locals to do the same,” said Monique. 

Submissions for the event begin on April Fool’s Day. It’s free to enter, so get your best act together. 

The Madrids believe that live events are the best way to bring people together, and COVID hasn’t slowed them down. Safety and sanitation were heavily prioritized at last year’s event and not a single COVID case was traced back to the event. The event will have limited capacity, temperatures will be checked at the door and all social distancing guidelines will be followed. 

About Vincent Dalessio

Vincent Dalessio is Folio Weekly’s Head Photographer and Writer. Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, he takes pride in resetting his roots in Duval County. Active in the skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing and outdoor recreation communities, he takes what he’s learned in his personal life and applies it to current issues facing these groups. His writing focuses on the environment, socio-demographic issues, biopics on community figureheads and stories on the communities he spends the most time in.