It’s Written in the Stars: Lenny Curry

Lenny Curry was born under a Cancer sun – a nurturing, family-oriented placement that identifies him with his role as a husband and father before all else. A scroll through his social media tells you that he’s a great dad, he loves his wife and his “crew” (family,) oh, and that he’s the mayor of Jacksonville. 

With Mercury and Mars both in Leo, the crab’s family values coupled with the lion’s dramatic and domineering approach make Curry a bonafide Republican. They form a conjunction in the planets of communication and aggression, giving him a sassy edge evident in tweets and interviews. He’s ready to argue, armed with a sharp tongue.

Curry’s Aquarius moon, in charge of his emotions and inner self, gives him a spirit of rebellion. He likes to provoke and push buttons, so he’s bringing the RNC to Jacksonville on Axe Handle Saturday during a pandemic. Aquarians love being told what to do, just so they can do anything but that. This placement also points to him being rather quirky when he’s comfortable. It’s in opposition to mercury, which rules the mind, so Curry often struggles with juggling his head and heart.  

Ruling love and money, his Venus in Virgo brings a discerning element to his chart. He tends to be critical, efficient, and analytical. Virgo is the sign of service, which explains Lenny’s lifetime work as a rotarian and his position in public service. He’s a hard worker and likes to be acknowledged for it.

Jupiter is the planet of aspirations and expansion, with his in the idealistic sign of Libra, Curry’s inclined to a fair and people-pleasing behavior. In a happy trine with his moon sign, he is good for work in public life and characteristically generous. Libra is the sign of justice and the sheriff’s office reaps the benefits of this generosity accordingly. Being in a square aspect with his sun, though, he may tend to overdo it and promise more than he can deliver.

These personality planets sum up why Lenny Curry is the way he is, he can’t help it, it’s written in the stars.

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