2020 Feud Sports First Round NFL Mock Draft

In this AJC file photo, D'Andre Swift carries the ball against Georgia Tech.

Pick 1 — Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

Does a world exist where the Bengals trade down and see what value they can get on a QB later in the draft? I think it does exist, but we won’t find out. The only thing up in the air here is what happens with the Red Rocket in the NFL.

Pick 2 — Washington Redskins

Chase Young, DE, Ohio State

Washington isn’t going to take a QB, right? RIGHT!? Trade down is definitely possible, but I think they take who is likely the best prospect on their board.

Pick 3 — Detroit Lions

TRADE with Los Angeles Chargers
The Chargers select: Tua Tagovailoa
The Lions receive: Picks 6, 37, 151, and a 2021 3rd

I like this for both sides. By all accounts, Miami is enamored with Tua. I’m not sure that the Chargers are actually “all in” on Tyrod Taylor, and if they want Tua they have trade above Miami. Detroit makes sense because they can likely get their would-be selection here later in the round.

Pick 4 — New York Giants

Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

I personally really like Simmons here, but the Giants do need to protect their investment in Daniel Jones. If Wirfs is the highest rated OT on Gettleman’s board, he’s the selection.

Pick 5 — Miami Dolphins

Isaiah Simmons, Clemson, LB

Their QB is gone, but the Dolphins should be thrilled with Simmons in Miami. Miami can roll the dice on another QB prospect in round one if they so choose.

Pick 6 Detroit Lions-

Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State

The Lions get the guy they would’ve selected at three and the opportunity for another potential starter on day two. All is well in Detroit, at least for now.

Pick 7 — Carolina Panthers

TRADE with Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons select: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn
The Panthers receive: Picks 16, 47, 2021 1st

The Falcons defensive line has some holes, and Grady Jarrett needs some help. Brown could slide, but not all the way to 16. The Falcons pull the trigger to shore up their defensive front.

Pick 8 — Arizona Cardinals

Jedrick Wills Jr., OT, Alabama

I don’t see a scenario where Arizona doesn’t make a move to help Kyler Murray here. It could be WR, but I think you have to keep him upright first and use the depth of the WR class to your advantage. Congrats, Jedrick, you get to play in a dome!

Pick 9 — Jacksonville Jaguars

Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

Yeah, you read that right. If Gardner Minshew doesn’t get help, you’re not helping his case to become the franchise guy. I don’t see *any* scenario where the Jaguars go QB here, but crazier things have happened, I suppose. Jeudy and Chark give the Jaguars the most promising duo at WR they’ve had in 20 years.

Pick 10 — Cleveland Browns

TRADE with Denver Broncos.
The Broncos select: CeeDee Lamb
The Browns receive: Picks 15, 77, 2020 2nd

Drew Lock has to have someone to throw the ball to, and CeeDee Lamb may be the best receiver in the class.

Pick 11 — New York Jets

Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

The Jets get, in my opinion, the top tackle in the draft. I believe he can play either side, and Sam Darnold is the Jets’ number one priority right now.

Pick 12 — Las Vegas Raiders

Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

We know Gruden will shock us on draft night, as he did last year. The Raiders need a QB eventually, and why not Herbert? He can sit a year here, but I’m not sure that’ll end up happening…

Pick 13 — San Francisco 49ers

Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama

The 49ers taking a receiver is almost a formality at this point, it’s just which one. Will they trade up? I don’t think they’ll waste that capital when they can get someone like Ruggs at 13.

Pick 14 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville

The Bucs’ need protection, and a running back for Tom Brady. Protection = secured.

Pick 15 — Cleveland Browns

TRADE with New Orleans Saints
The Saints select: Jordan Love QB Utah
The Browns Receive: Picks 24, 88, 2020 1st

I don’t know if the Saints will trade up for Love. I do know they like him, and this guarantees they get him. Is Love the future in New Orleans? Not until Father Time takes over.

Pick 16 — Carolina Panthers

Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma

Murray could fall out of the first. The Panthers are too good at drafting linebackers to allow that to happen.

Pick 17 — Dallas Cowboys

C. J. Henderson, CB, UF

Henderson is no stranger to AT&T Stadium. He’ll be coming to the Cowboys already with one pick six in the building from his Sophomore campaign at Florida. Some believe he’s the best back in the class, and the Cowboys need help desperately in the secondary.

Pick 18 — Miami Dolphins

K’Lavon Chaisson, DE, LSU

Chaisson and Simmons on the same field at the same time as a consolation for Tua? Yes, please. This defense could be elite with these pieces as pillars.

Pick 19 — Las Vegas Raiders

Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

Las Vegas likes highlights, you say? Welcome to Sin City, Mr. Higgins.

Pick 20 — Jacksonville Jaguars

D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia

Swift can do it all, and Fournette may be on his way out. Is this too early for a back? Probably. Will it make the difference in 10 wins and 4 wins, regardless of who the Jags’ take here? Probably not. Jacksonville gets the best back in the class, in my opinion, and another weapon for the Chosen One.

Pick 21 — Philadelphia Eagles

Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

If Jacksonville doesn’t go WR at pick 9, I expect Jefferson to go to Duval at 20. In this scenario, the Eagles run to turn their selection in as Jefferson is as dynamic as any other in the class.

Pick 22 — Minnesota Vikings

A. J. Terrell, CB, Clemson

When three corners leave the team in the off season this pick becomes pretty easy. Solid height and great instincts lands Terrell in Minneapolis.

Pick 23 — New England Patriots

TRADE with Indianapolis Colts
The Colts select: Jacob Eason, QB, Washington
The Patriots receive: Jacoby Brisset, picks 34 and 44

Welcome back, Jacoby! The Pats get a stop gap they’re familiar with, and gain draft capital while probably winning a Super Bowl, somehow. The Colts get who may be the most forgotten player in the class, but Eason can sling it. Look out, AFC South.

Pick 24 — Cleveland Browns

Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama

McKinney may be able to play defensive end for all I know. The Browns have holes all over the field, and McKinney’s versatility can help them solve multiple.

Pick 25 — Minnesota Vikings

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State

No Stefon Diggs? No problem. The Vikings will go DB, WR in round one I believe. The only question is which comes first.

Pick 26 — Miami Dolphins

Austin Jackson, OT, USC

Still no QB, huh? The Dolphins can’t get much worse on the OL, they just don’t know who they’re protecting yet.

Pick 27 — Seattle Seahawks

Yetur Gross-Matus, DE, Penn State

Doesn’t it seem like every pick Seattle makes in the first round just … works? Gross is way too talented to not be productive from day one. The Seahawks hop all over the value.

Pick 28 — Baltimore Ravens

Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor

This is why I’m hot, this is why I’m hot.

Pick 29 — Tennessee Titans

Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina

We knew someone would fall. Once Kinlaw’s slide started, it wasn’t helped by the needs of the teams in the mid-first. A productive behemoth at USC, Kinlaw will fight right in culturally in Tennessee. I’d pay to watch Oklahoma drills between Kinlaw and Derrick Henry.

Pick 30 — Green Bay Packers

Patrick Queens, LB, LSU

I really wanted to give Rodgers another weapon here, but it’s a really deep class. I know, I know, don’t beat a dead horse. I like Queens fit here, and the Packers’ backers could use a lift. Queens to Green Bay it is.

Pick 31 — San Francisco 49ers

Josh Jones, OT, Houston

Protection for Jimmy G can’t be a bad idea, right? Good value here for Jones lands him in San Francisco.

Pick 32 — Kansas City Chiefs

Zach Baum, LB, Wisconsin

This may be a slight reach, but a Super Bowl ring gives you that luxury. Kansas City would do backflips if Kenneth Murray fell to them, but Baum will have to do. The Chiefs have to stop the run, and this is the first step in making that happen.


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