Folio Weekly Wraps Up

Dear Folio friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live.

Folio Weekly has experienced the economic freefall of this outbreak, and I have picked this moment to retire and conclude our business operations.

If you have been among our loyal readers, you are a treasure to me.

If you have been an advertiser in Folio Weekly, you made a worthy choice in locally owned media.

If you sold us products or services, you did us right.

If you allowed distribution of Folio Weekly at your business, your generosity cast light in this corner of Florida.

If you agreed to be interviewed for a story in Folio Weekly, I hope you feel we treated your story with respect.

If your name ever appeared in our masthead as an editor, writer, salesperson, designer, business manager, photographer, route driver, freelancer or contributor let it be known you were among the best at your craft.

Stay healthy and hope to see you soon.

Sam Taylor | Publisher

(904) 860-2465