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In a day and age where scroll-through, swipe-left dating has killed romance, it’s good to know there’s one Valentine’s date that will be delighted to spend the whole day by your side. As it turns out, one in five people prefer spending Valentine’s Day with their pets rather than their partners. Here’s the lowdown on why dogs make a better date this Valentine’s Day.

Dogs won’t leave you hanging. It might not text you back, but your pooch is not likely to stand you up. Chances are it will patiently wait for you at home, right by the door, anticipating the moment your key turns the lock. Find a human that will be that dedicated.

You don’t have to share your dessert with a dog. In fact, you shouldn’t. All that sweet stuff conveniently makes dogs sick. So, you can have your cake and eat it, too! Go easy, though—sugar hangovers are real.

No need to bust out the fancy outfit or expensive shoes to hang with your dog. Dogs don’t care how you look or what you wear. All your dog cares about is you (and probably food). With your dog, you’ll always feel loved, cherished and appreciated.

Dogs don’t care if you make reservations at a fancy restaurant or book an outrageous getaway. They’ll be pumped to take a walk at the park and then snuggle up for some television, just like you do every night. All they want is to spend time with you. No makeup, no ironing and no shower required. Score!

A dog won’t look deeply, then hopefully, and finally disdainfully into your eyes when the evening doesn’t end with a romantic gesture. Won’t happen. Prolonged eye contact totally freaks dogs out.

You will never have to dream up a way to get rid of a dog, because you’d never want to! Dogs are fun and funny and clean food right off the kitchen floor. Most dates frown upon that sort of thing. Lame.

One thing I can absolutely guarantee is that you’ll never find a date that loves you more than your dog. Dogs are always there to lick your tears when you are sad and jump for joy when you are happy. They never judge, even when you stay home in your pajamas, watch bad television and eat chips all day.

Nowadays, dates can severely lack manners, but your woofer is a date that will always say, “Thank you.” While dogs may not say it in English (did I mention dogs don’t talk?), you’ll know by the smooches and tail wags that you’ve made them feel like the special pups they truly are.

Dogs believe in happily ever after. Once you have their heart, you have it forever.

With your dog as your valentine, you’re sure to have a fantastic day filled with love. Dogs make the perfect companion for holidays and every day in between. So grab some heart-shaped dog treats and a box of chocolate for yourself and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your furry best friend.