Pets Like Me: Denny & Scarlett

Moving somewhere new via plane is an exciting adventure. Just ask Denny and Scarlett! These Beverly Hills-born poodles ditched the road and took to the open air to relocate across the country with their family. I caught up with the pair to talk about traveling on a one-way ticket and why it’s important to prepare your pets before embarking on a big move.


Davi: How did you and your family travel to your new home?

Denny: We’re quite a crew! My sister Scarlett and I have four cat siblings, plus four humans, so Dad decided we would charter a plane to take all of us on our new adventure.


How was your flight?

I sat in a seat next to the window and enjoyed the view for the majority of the time. Scarlett walked up and down the aisle as if she was training to be a flight attendant. She was very good, and only took a quick sniff at the packed lunches.


Did you experience travel sickness?

No. We were already well-traveled dogs, so the flight wasn’t too much trouble.


Did you get a wellness exam before moving?

We had a checkup with our veterinarian, so we had our papers showing we were up to date on all of our shots. Our parents got us new nametags with old and new addresses and their phone numbers.


How often did you take potty breaks?

We didn’t have potty breaks, but we had lots of pee pads, puppy wipes and plastic bags—just in case!


What was your initial reaction when you entered your new home?

I was overwhelmed with unfamiliar smells. We had new beds and toys waiting for us, but we brought along some old ones, too. It was nice to have the comfort of a familiar scent.


What do you like most about your new home?

We have a dock over a marsh, which I fell into while reaching back to scratch my butt. It was muddy, and the water was cold, but it was really fun. I didn’t realize a marsh isn’t the same as a lawn!


What do you miss most about your old home?

I miss our nice walks in California with all its good smells, but Mom said we’d find new good smells in Florida.


What was the most stressful part of moving?

Watching all the furniture disappear. We didn’t have anything left to sit on! We’re used to sitting on a couch with our parents and, suddenly, no couch! When the suitcases came out, we knew we were in trouble. We knew our parents were leaving, but this time they took us with them, so we were happy about that.


What advice would you give to pets that are preparing for a long-distance move with their family?

For anyone relocating to a new place, I’d say stay close to your humans, don’t run off (hopefully you’ve been micro-chipped), and it’ll be okay. Be on your best behavior, and enjoy the journey!


Moving to a new state, especially somewhere thousands of miles away, can be exhilarating. It’s exciting and ripe with opportunity. However, it’s important to remember that what you find exciting can be scary and nerve-wracking for your pets. But if you plan ahead, take them to the vet, do your research, and bring along comfort items, they can enjoy the trip, the new home and the new surroundings just as much as their humans.