Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Every year, humans celebrate something. They get a tree (or a bush, if you are Jewish), decorate around the house, and get into a happy spirit. But do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking about all of this? Well, if your dog is anything like me, they flatly assume the holidays are all about them—understandably so, since pets hold such a special place in our hearts and our homes. Nevertheless, I can almost guarantee your dog is thinking at least a few of these things about your holiday traditions.

 So, I can’t bring a stick in the house, but you’re allowed a whole tree? I know I’ve seen that outside. I’m not sure why there’s suddenly a huge tree in the house, but this is the cause of great excitement! There are new smells, lots of shiny things, and the place where I usually lift my leg is literally right next to the couch! It’s fun at first sight! Can I sniff it?

Look at all the people coming to see me! Someone’s here! Someone’s here! Hurry, hurry, hurry and let them in so I can jump all over them and say hi! I want to lick them and play with them and be loved by them. The excitement is so high that sleep is just impossible! Maybe I’ll get a tummy rub, or better yet, a back scratch! No argument here. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh look, my mom is sitting on the couch, and she has snacks. It’s cuddle time! I want as much “you” time as I can get, so scoot over and make some room. Throw in some munchies and gobs of attention, and I feel happy and content. Sitting together in front of the television means more to me than woofs can say, because I really love you and just want to make you happy forever.

Oh, I smell things for me! Don’t try to hide something wrapped under the tree and think I won’t know there is something there for me. I will sniff and snoop the second those interesting packages are placed under the tree. I understand the feeling of joy and presents shall be as much a happy occasion for me as it is for you.

 There’s food! As if all this isn’t enough to drive me crazy, soon there are enticing odors in the air that leave me drooling uncontrollably. There’s always hope that something tasty might fall on the floor. I especially wish to inspect the premise. Or even better, treats in the form of leftovers. Now I am even more excited!

You did all of this to be happy? We should do this all year round! Everyone is smiling and laughing and playing with me! Yippee! I’ve quickly learned that all these wonderful things mean that lots of fun is ahead. It’s a time of love and joy. It’s a time of hope and happiness, safety and tranquility. It’s a time to come together, put all differences aside, and make memories that will last a lifetime. The funny thing is that dogs have known this all along.