New Fall Cocktails Hawkers Asian Street Fare

New Fall Cocktails Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Cocktails at Hawkers

Hawkers has some new fall cocktails available and I was one of the lucky few invited out for a cocktail making class to celebrate. Our class was held at the Neptune Beach location, but the new cocktails can also be ordered at their 5 Points location, which was recently expanded to add a wraparound bar and a few extra tables.


We started the night by making 2 of their new cocktails:

  • G-N-TEA: Smoky and herbal. Chai-infused Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish gin, apple cider simple tonic, smoked cinnamon.
  • Jingle Juice: Light and festive. RumHaven, REÀL coconut, pineapple juice, house sake, prosecco

This was such a fun event at Hawkers! I got to feel like a real bartender while I whipped up these cocktails. I mean who doesn’t like shaking a drink around in a cocktail shaker? Once our creations were complete, we got to sample them. It seems as though the majority of the table preferred the G-N-Tea, but I really liked the Jingle Juice. It felt like a drink that would be perfect for laying in front of a fire on a bear skin rug (faux, of course). The drink felt creamy due to the coconut, but not overly so. The prosecco cut through the cream to balance it out.

Jingle Juice


After the cocktail making was complete, we were given samples of some of their other new creations including:

  • Brew-Ha-Ha: Velvety and aromatic. Sailor Jerry rum, RumHaven, Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk, cream
  • Pretty Fly for a Mai Tai: Refreshing and tart. Plantation dark rum, lime juice, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, simple, orgeat
  • Boulevardier: Bulleit Rye, Campari, sweet vermouth


Pretty Fly for a Mai Tai

Low-ABV Saké cocktails:

  • Sakéberry: Junmai saké, strawberries, lime, prosecco, mint
  • Pineapple Express: Junmai saké, serrano agave simple, pineapple, lime, lemon

When I heard that some of the cocktails were made with Saké at Hawkers, I was a little intimidated at first. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But once they started rolling out, I was pleasantly surprised. We tried the Sakéberry first. This drink was very refreshing as the flavor focused more on the strawberries than anything else. Even though these are their new fall cocktails, I could see myself sipping this one pool side. Wait. This is Florida. We can go pool side year-round! The Pineapple Express came out next, and it really packed a punch. The combo of pineapple, lemon, and lime might make your lips pucker, but this cocktail felt crisp and light. One that could get you in trouble.




For those who like a coffee after dinner, the Brew-Ha-Ha should be on your radar. It was the perfect cocktail to close out the night. The Vietnamese coffee was the dominant flavor in this cocktail with the rum, condensed milk, and cream coming in as the supporting cast. Everything blended perfectly and elevated the flavors.




Each cocktail we tried was different than the one before it, which really made for a great experience. I found myself really enjoying drinks with flavor combinations that I wouldn’t normally order. They have so many different options that you are sure to find a favorite, but I would definitely recommend coming out of your comfort zone a bit. Try something new. Try something that sounds weird. Some of the strangest sounding combinations can really blend nicely and create your new favorite cocktail.


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