Feud Countdown: Top Ten Jacksonville Sports Logos of All Time

Feud Countdown: Top Ten Jacksonville Sports Logos of All Time

There is something about dawning an iconic logo on a relic of a t-shirt that just makes you feel invincible. No? That’s just us?

Well, we’re going to rock our retro shirts with or without approval, so you might as well just join the trend. All the cool kids are doing it.

Speaking of sports logos, who doesn’t love a good countdown? Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "feud-sports" will provide you with some water-cooler-worthy countdowns in the future, including our first below chronicling the top ten best sports logo in the Bold Cities’ history.

Did we miss your favorite? Have an honorable mention? If you don’t like one, we blame Keith.

10. Jacksonville Barracudas, Minor League Hockey 2002-2008

HOCKEY!?! Yes, hockey. The navy blue and red surfing hockey player barracuda is one of the most intriguing sports logos I have ever seen. A mean-mugging barracuda holding hockey stick in a battle stance hanging over the “Barracudas” in bold print. Why does he need a surfboard? Can he not swim? Whatever floats your boat, buddy. Iconic, regardless!

9. Jacksonville Express, American Football 1975

The Jacksonville Express had a short lifespan but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a great logo. After becoming the Express after the Jacksonville Sharks folded a year before, the entire league ceased operations mid-way through the season. A steam-powered locomotive was the forefront of the logo with the catchphrase “All Aboard!” plastered all over the team magazine. Given Jacksonville’s logistics importance, the rail inspired logo fits the cities’ industry, which always get’s points as far as sports logos go.



8. Jacksonville Armada, Soccer 2013-present

The Armada have seen plenty of changes with the league they play in, different head coaches, and where they play, but one thing is consistent: they have a strong logo. The Boys in Blue use an anchor as the focal point in the crest and it gets the job done in a crisp, clean manner.


7. Jacksonville Jam, Basketball 2006-2008

Another short-lived team in Jacksonville, the Jam boasts a large font and the use of their unique color combination (Red, Teal, and Black). The logo features a basketball going through a hoop with flames, similar to the Miami Heat. The jerseys were a work of art as well and would have probably had a gorgeous evolution if Father Time allowed it.


6. Jacksonville Beach Sea Birds, Minor League Baseball 1952-54

You have probably seen their gear being sold in the merchandise store at Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp games. The “JB” insignia is the classic, intertwined lettering like several MLB teams use. The “sea bird”, presumably a sea gull, sits inside a diamond, paying homage to the sport they represent. Teal and orange seem like a bold color combination for the 50’s as well. Is this a Diner? Can’t tell. Sports logos over-medium, please. Extra awesome on the side!


5. Jacksonville Rockets, Minor League Hockey 1964-1972

The first professional hockey team to be based in Florida had a heavily-detailed logo. ‘Rockets’ in bold Orange font was strapped to the side of a zooming rocket with a full-fledged hockey player beneath. Not suited for putting on a jersey, a script “Rockets” was donned on the sweaters instead for some of the prettiest hockey uniforms you’ll ever see.


4. Jacksonville Jaguars, American Football 1993-present

Okay, so I am bending the rules a bit. The Jaguars never used this logo due to the Jaguar car company objecting. But how sweet would this have been on a helmet? Some say it looks too much like an Arena Football logo, but I disagree. Many local companies are starting to reintegrate the logo into their merchandise now, further proving my point.


3. Jacksonville Expos, Minor League Baseball 1985-1990

Maybe one of the best adaptations of a professional sports logo of all time. Cutting the Montreal Expos logo in half, the ‘J’ forms with the ‘e’ already in place to complete the acronym. Randy Johnson donning this look completes the beauty of it. Hey Jumbo Shrimp, if you’re reading this, make a Jaxpos throwback night once a week!


2. Jacksonville Lizard Kings, Hockey 1995-2000

A logo in a league of its own. The Lizard Kings, named in honor of the Doors lead singer Jim Morrison, had a great primary logo as well as a jersey logo. Why is this not first? Flashy sports logos are fun, but I am a traditionalist. What does Jim Morrison have to do with Jacksonville you ask? Well, nothing. But, the Lizard Kings’ owner Larry Lane loved the Doors, and pulled the name from the 1970 ballad “The Celebration of the Lizard” in which Morrison exclaims “I am the Lizard King!”


1. Jacksonville Bulls, American football 1984-1985

The best that barely was. The USFL franchise lasted only two seasons due to the fallout of the league. They were named after the team owner Fred “Bull”ard, although there was a ‘name the team’ promotion. The streaking bull with the mix of metallic grey, maroon, and black is a wonderful combination that earns top marks in my book. Legend has it the the teams uniforms were a mashup of the most popular local college football programs, as well. The iconic ‘silver britches’ hold the whole garb together well.

Can’t get enough nostalgia? We’re with you. He’s a collection of some memorabilia and memories from some of these teams’ glory days! Did we miss something iconic? Let us know!

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Jaguars’ owner Wayne Weaver hols up the first jersey for the franchise. The jersey and logo were never used due to copyright issues. (Florida Times-Union)


A Jaguars’ original uniform graphic is shown. (Sportslogos.net)
The Jacksonville Jaguars’ original helmet design is shown. The design was never used due to copyright issues.
A shirt coined by the Jumbo Shrimp to honor the Jacksonville Sea Birds is pictured in this file photo. (Jax Jumbo Shrimp)
A pair of hats coined by the Jumbo Shrimp to honor the Jacksonville Sea Birds is pictured in this file photo. (Jax Jumbo Shrimp)
A hat coined by the Jumbo Shrimp to honor the Jacksonville Sea Birds is pictured in this file photo with the “JB” insignia. (Jax Jumbo Shrimp)
A display of merchandise coined by the Jumbo Shrimp to honor the Jacksonville Sea Birds is pictured in this file photo. (Jax Jumbo Shrimp)
In this file photo, the Lizard Kings primary jersey is featured.
In this screen grab, a goalie is pictured with a Lizard King inspired mask for a television promo.
“Section 904”, the Armada fan section is pictured in this file photo. (Armada Public Relations)
In this file photo, the Jacksonville Rockets are featured on a copy of a hockey publication. (Origin unknown)
In this file photo, the Jacksonville Rockets are featured on a copy of a game program. (SportsPaper.info)
Jacksonville Rockets forward Wayne Horne lights the lamp against the Greensboro Generals on Oct. 28, 1969. (The Florida Times-Union)
In this file photo, the Jacksonville Rockets are pictured. (Ned Fellers/TheEHL.com)
In this file photo, a Pro Cards publication shows the 1990 Jacksonville Expos.
Randy Johnson is pictured in the Jacksonville Expos uniform during his career in the city. (Chris Creamer/Sportslogos.net)
In this file photo, a replica of the original cap design for the Jacksonville Expos is featured.
Norris Brown is featured in this file photo showcasing the Jacksonville Bulls uniform.
The Jacksonville Bulls take the field in a USFL contest in Jacksonville in this file photo.
The Jacksonville Bulls’ original helmet design is shown.
The back of the Jacksonville Bulls’ original helmet design is shown.


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