Treading Water In Miami: Dolphins 2019 Record Predictions, Quarterback Josh Rosen
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Treading Water In Miami: Dolphins 2019 Record Predictions

Miami Dolphins 2019 Record Predictions

The Miami Dolphins. What is there to say about a team that made a move for a quarterback in Josh Rosen, had some pieces that could help this team win a few games only to trade away their cornerstone left tackle and arguably their best wide receiver a week before the season starts? Tua Tagovailoa is what you’d say. 

After a shellacking brought to South Beach by Lamar Jackson, the Dolphins are poised to have the top selection in the NFL Draft next year. 

 Post to Post Links II error: No link found for term slug "feud-sports" will predict the rest of the season for the struggling Dolphins, and we’ll keep it blunt: It doesn’t look good. Snowflake isn’t swimming through that door, ‘Phins fans. 


Week 2: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

The Patriots will have newly acquired head-case wide receiver Antonio Brown added to their already stacked offense. This will be a 45-21 drubbing in the Patriots favor. 


Week 3: Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys

The first road trip of the season will not help the Dolphins woes. A healthy Cowboys defensive line will decimate an already weakened Dolphins offense. Starring 0-3 in the face as the Dolphins lose again 35-14. 


Week 4: Los Angeles Chargers @ Miami Dolphins

The Chargers defense has taken a hit with Derwin James out for a few more weeks, but it’s not going to matter. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to come down from slightly above average play and won’t be able to keep the Fins in the game. Chargers win 28-21. 


Week 5: Bye Week


Week 6: Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins

This could be the Dolphins first winnable game because they’re facing off against a young quarterback in Dwayne Haskins. First win of the season, men. Dolphins win 21-17. 


Week 7: Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

I’m convinced that the QB change will be made here and Josh Rosen will be the signal caller from here on out. Switching gears: I’m not what to believe in regards to Buffalo. Thoughts are that their offense is going to be better under second-year quarterback Josh Allen. I also believe Josh Allen is a bad player isn’t that good. Give the win to the Dolphins 24-17. 


Week 8: Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers

My editor would get mad at me if I just wrote “rofl”, so instead, I’ll just say that the Steelers will overmatch the Dolphins and will deliver them another loss. Steelers 35, Dolphins 10. 


Week 9: New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

The Jets, on paper, are a better team. But they are the Jets and will lower themselves to their competition. Dolphins notch another win on the season 24-21. 


Week 10: Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts

The Colts suffered a huge blow to their offense when Andrew Luck abruptly retired, but on the arm of Jacoby Brissett, they’ll only be slightly good enough. Colts win by a field goal 17-14. 


Week 11: Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

The Bills won’t be happy losing to this team back in Week 8 and will get their revenge in Miami. Expect a better rushing attack from the Buffalo this time around and they’ll leave with a win. Score: 28-17 Bills. 


Week 12: Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns 

I’m a believer in the Browns and I feel they’ll be hot on the heels of the Steelers in the AFC North. That spells bad news for the Dolphins. They’ll drop another game on the road, 28-24. 


Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins

Rosen will have found his rhythm and will surprise everyone with a quality game and the Fins pull off a shocker against the Eagles, 28-21. 


Week 14: Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

Can the Dolphins win back to back games? Spoiler alert: The answer is no. Jets win 24-14. 


Week 15: Miami Dolphins @ New York Giants

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones will have given the Giants a 3-game win streak and will be looking to prove everyone who thought he was a bust of a pick wrong. The Dolphins, still angling for a top 3 pick, will find that task just a little easier when they lose to the Giants 21-7.


Week 16: Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins  

Who knows who will be at the helm of the Bengals when we reach this point of the season, but the Bengals will win this game, even if I’m at quarterback. Lock it in right now. Bengals win 24-17. 


Week 17: Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

When the clock hits triple zeros at the end of this game, two things will have happened. First, the Patriots will have locked up home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and second: The Miami Dolphins are officially on the clock with the first pick of the 2020 draft. Patriots win 38-17. 


Finish: 4-12


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