Art by Megan Lawson from Tinx Just Stinks And Charlie Doesn't by Jason Woods, ©2019 All Rights Reserved
Art by Megan Lawson from Tinx Just Stinks And Charlie Doesn't by Jason Woods, ©2019 All Rights Reserved

Tinx Just Stinks (But Charlie Doesn’t): Local Actor Jason Woods Creates Children’s Book

Jason Woods uses crowdfunding to Launch his new book Tinx Just Stinks (But Charlie Doesn’t)

He’s an actor, director, playwright and composer and this month, Jason Woods adds children’s author to his curriculum vitae. “Tinx Just Stinks (But Charlie Doesn’t)” is a charming story laced together in verse, a fanciful fairy tale of dragons, the triumph of positive over negative and a heartfelt message with just enough of a gooey center to appeal to readers of all ages. 

 It has all the hallmarks of a Jason Woods original, starting, of course, with dragons. But Tinx and Charlie are more than just talking dragons. These magical creatures are full of heart and … hot air.

“It’s about a dragon whose gas smells like cookies and he’s famous and rich for it,” muses Woods, affecting a warm Shakespearean tongue to deliver a line.

There’s another dragon, this one named Tinx, his wind isn’t pleasant and frankly, it stinks. It smells like old eggs and socks worn all day, it crawls in your nose and won’t go away.’

Woods is gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign Aug. 24 to fund the printing of “Tinx Just Stinks (But Charlie Doesn’t),” which is illustrated by Megan Lawson of Tampa. Updates will be available at

Art by Megan Lawson from Tinx Just Stinks And Charlie Doesn't by Jason Woods, ©2019 All Rights Reserved
Art by Megan Lawson from Tinx Just Stinks And Charlie Doesn’t by Jason Woods, ©2019 All Rights Reserved

“She’s just lovely. We work on the art together. She draws and I just give her my feedback. It’s been a great relationship. I was really looking for a classic look with the artwork,” says Woods of Lawson who is helping the story leap from the pages with vibrant and sophisticated illustrations that capture the personality of each character. 

“I’ve written it in verse because of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. They really influenced me and there’s a Grinch-like component to it with one dragon not being so friendly and becoming that way over the course of the story. The concept was born in a fantastical way about a dragon whose gas smelled like cinnamon and as I kept writing, it became a funny poem. Cinnamon wasn’t funny but cookies was. You walk in a place and it smells like warm cookies, it’s magical. When someone breaks wind, it’s not magical at all.”


No spoilers but Tinx experiences a change of heart that allows him to have a fresh… start.“The theme there is because Charlie smells like cookies, that’s what he’s like on the inside,” Woods says. “I wanted to find some substance. It’s a funny, clever idea but I wanted to have some impact that’s lasting. In the culture that we live in, we need kindness.”

Woods has reached out to his test audience by doing several readings to elementary school classes, who have all responded with big smiles and belly laughs. When asked how he felt about the story, one young boy was inspired to write a book of his own. That is just the feedback Woods was hoping for and once the story is printed, he plans to present that student with a copy of his own to ensure he follows his dream.

“That’s the thing that gave me courage. My wife, who is an educator, said to me ‘Jason, teachers want kids to read. This will make them read. It’s a good story. You’ve got to do it’,” he says. “I’m just imagining the day I see it printed and then handing it to a kid.”

Once the book is funded and printed, Woods also plans to deliver copies to some Title One schools throughout Jacksonville to hopefully inspire and engage more students.

“The lesson in this if there’s one to be found, is really quite simple and mildly profound. The world needs kindness and that starts with you. The things in your hearts will always come true. And these last words are essential, every single ounce, love yourself and love others. That’s all that really counts.”

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