Florida Highway Patrol Wasting Technology Dollars

I was recently involved in a minor traffic accident on I-295 while driving home after visiting my father’s grave at the Jacksonville National Cemetery. (Fortunately, no one was injured.) I was unhappy with the actions of the Florida Highway Patrol trooper who investigated the accident, so I filed a complaint with Jacksonville’s Troop G. When I met with another trooper assigned to follow up on my complaint, I was told that the trooper who investigated the accident turned off the body microphone that remotely transmits to a receiver in her car when she arrived on the scene and didn’t turn it back on until after she had interviewed me and the other driver. Since the microphone was deactivated, there was no recording of what was said during the interviews. Was she trying to hide her routinely unprofessional behavior? I was told that Patrol policy allows troopers deactivate audio and video recording at their discretion. Why are we wasting tax payer dollars on expensive technology if the Patrol doesn’t consistently use it?