Children are Jacksonville’s future!

Why are Duval County public school students being denied their right to “a uniform, safe, secure, efficient, and high quality system of education…” as stated in the Florida State Constitution?

Why is the safety and education of Jacksonville’s students being compromised by the Civic Council, whose members were not elected, have personal interests in charter schools, and want to make sure that charter schools receive “20% of the total proceeds of a 15-year sales tax?”

Why has the City Counsel impeded democracy by denying the taxpayers of Duval County the chance to vote and express the will of the people?

Why didn’t our Mayor and City Council support the new Superintendent from the beginning and help the school system place the ½ Penny Sales Tax Referendum on a 2019 ballot or find revenue to fix the aging school facilities?

Why is it okay to delay the vote until 2020, thus causing students attending one of the 56 schools classified as- poor, very poor, or replacement, to spend another school year in a substandard classroom or building? Is it a coincidence that 46 of these schools are located in the neediest areas of Jacksonville?

Why don’t our city leaders care about Jacksonville’s most important commodity, our children!