Funky Donkey

June 11, 2019
2 mins read

Today something good happened to me. I was hiking in the countryside with my mom when a sudden movement caught my eye. I turned around to find a most unusual creature grazing in the pasture. With long ears, a long nose and walnut eyes like mine, I found the animal enchanting.

Like any animal that wasn’t raised on a farm, I had stumbled upon an unknown entity: a donkey or, in Spanish, burro. I’m a sucker for a good animal story, so I stopped to chat a while and learn more about this unfamiliar animal.

I learned a lot—that these small but mighty pets are intelligent, loyal and affectionate companions.



Davi on Davey

Davi: Tell me about yourself and where you are now.

Davey: I was terrified of people before I came to Empowerment Ranch, a nonprofit agency that’s dedicated to bringing animals, nature and people of all ages and backgrounds together.


Are you “stubborn as a mule”?

Irrefutably! I do what I want when I want. But I’m still a good boy!


What food would you eat every day if you could?

Oatmeal cookies!


Some say donkeys are really good decision-makers. True?

We do make decisions, though they usually get us into more trouble than we bargain for.


Tell us why you believe a donkey is a good companion?

We are silly, playful and sweet, and will follow you once we know who you are.


Who is your best friend?

A mini-horse named Tuffon. We romp and play all day!


Do you have any weird habits?

I pick up my hay bin and carry it around to show it’s empty, like my belly!


What’s a fact about donkeys that would surprise most people?

Beneath our passive, low-key façade is a bright, joyful animal that loves to stop to smell the flowers and look around. We have excellent memories and tremendous physical strength.


In a sentence, sum up your life.

Oh, so very happy, loved and safe.


Tell me what being rescued was like.

It was terrifying. Humans chased me around in a watery field, wrapped ropes around my neck, and put me on a metal box. I was scared and didn’t understand they were trying to help. The first rescue couldn’t handle my naughtiness, so I was relocated to Empowerment Ranch.


What personality trait gets you in the most trouble?

Sometimes I try to kick the farrier who trims my feet. He’s a good man, but I can’t help myself.


What’s the best thing about being included in a family?

I’m never alone.


What makes it your perfect day?

Lots of hay, ear scratches—and no farrier.


This spirited neddy, overflowing with adorable spunk, is at home on a ranch near Callahan. Though the rescue donkey loves to roll in the dirt and kick toward the sky like a puppy, Davey prefers to be pampered with love and ear rubs. He could forgo the farrier; I don’t blame him—I dread nail trims, too.

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