#EATUPJAX: More than a Few Buzz-worthy Restaurants to Try around Jacksonville

La Petit Paris

There are more than a few buzz-worthy restaurants to try scattered around Jacksonville. Sometimes we get caught up in staying in our own neighborhoods–I’d bet there are people in Riverside who haven’t left in years except for road-trips, vacations, and possibly their commutes. Here are three newer places you might not have been to, some of which are in less-trendy neighborhoods.

Pink Salt’s Shrimp and Grits with Jacksonville’s own Azar Andouille Sausage

Pink Salt

Well-priced and delish, Pink Salt in the Lakewood neighborhood on St. Augustine Road, serves up an excellent breakfast and lots of Caribbean and Caribbean-inspired dishes, such as oxtail and Jamaican fruit cake, but they also serve a mix of more trendy items, like their outstanding quinoa veggie burger.

Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris (9965 San Jose Blvd Ste 46) has brought a piece of Paris to a strip mall in the relatively unknown neighborhood of Arrowhead on San Jose Boulevard. Word on the street (and on the internet) is that this place is the real deal, a pretty little French-style cafe with croissants to la petite mort over.

Murray Hillbilly

Murray Hillbilly

If you simply must eat in a more hip neighborhood and you haven’t stopped to nosh at Murray Hillbilly in Murray Hill, we recommend it. Even if vegan and gluten-free isn’t your scene normally, their southern comfort food will win over your tastebuds. We aren’t saying you’ll instantly convert to veganism, but this little cafe will show you how it should be done!

Super stoked that the Chef at the Derby House Diner is Dustin Wigglesworth, a past James Beard Award nominee and formerly was the chef de cuisine at Candy Apple Cafe.

Black Sheep Group at GastroFest 2019

Seven eateries were Judges’ Choice winners for March’s GastroFest, Jackonville’s favorite food fest! The fest features a mix of food trucks, caterers and restaurants. These winners were chosen by judges from the Women’s Food Alliance as well as EU Jacksonville’s own Nate Mayo of Nate Does Food and the CW’s I KNOW JAX host Joe Talentino.

Abstrakt Filipino (Mobile Food Tent)
Taqueria Cinco (Restaurant)
Well-Oiled Events (Caterer)
Restaurant Orsay (Restaurant)
Blue Bamboo (Restaurant)
JammasJax (Food Truck)
Black Sheep at Intuition (Restaurant)

Rejoice, for there is a reason to visit the food court of Regency Square Mall: Mr. Potato Spread, which opened up late last month. Before it went to brick, Mr. Potato Spread was a food truck. A food truck closely followed by obsessive fans. One online review mentioned that the new physical location saves them the trouble of “stalking” their truck. The concept is simple: load up potatoes with delicious and rich ingredients. The Crabpot Potato is especially beloved.

Mr. Potato Spread

One of Jacksonville’s oldest fine-dining restaurants, the Tree Steakhouse, is changing its brand, including rolling out a new name: ChopHouse Thirteen, named after the Road they’re on–State Road 13, AKA San Jose. Practically an institution, with 50 years of fine dining food service, the owners have decided to change things up a bit with a renovation and a name change. But don’t worry, staff and management will stay the same, and the menu items won’t change, though there may be new editions.

Springfield is getting a sandwich shop! The Eddis & Sons food truck had plans to go to the brick in San Marco, but after testing the locale with their truck, found that it didn’t have the visibility. Plans are to open in six months on 8th Street, but they will be parked across the street in their truck in the lot across the street, while they get things ready for opening.

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