Truck, Yeah!

There are two words I love to hear, especially when I’m hungry: Food. Truck. One day, I was out with my mom and we stopped at a food truck. She had a taco in her hand, ready to chow down, and my mouth was watering, but there wasn’t anything on the vittles vehicle for me. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be good if there was one for dogs? I would totally chase that.” And Hannah Kim and her husband Nick Saam had the same thought—some time before I did, but great minds still think alike, right? So Pet Wants began.


Mobile Munchies

Davi: Tell me about your pet food truck. What are you all about?

Hannah Kim, Pet Wants owner: Our niche is an Airstream trailer that’s been completely transformed into a one-of-a-kind pet food truck and mobile pet market. We specialize in healthy and delicious food and treats for pets of all sizes and breeds!


What’s on the menu?

We have nutritional blends of high-quality pet food and locally sourced pet products.


Do you mean different products for different kinds of pets?

Yes! We offer pet products for both dogs and cats. One cool thing: Our pet treats are made from human-grade ingredients, so your human can snack on our munchies, too—we won’t judge!


What’s the most popular item?

Our fresh food is always a favorite, but pets
go wild for our freeze-dried items, hickory-
smoked antlers and CBD products.


What makes your dog food better than others out there, mobile or otherwise?

Our specially crafted pet food formulas are made in small batches each month, with fresh, natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete, balanced diet in every bowl. And since we never use corn, wheat, soy or dyes, the common pet health problems associated with these ingredients are no longer worries.


What was the inspiration for you to open a pet food business?

Our pup, Charley, suffered significant trauma to his back while playing. We had to make a life-changing decision. After research, we discovered that choosing a fresh, nutrient-dense diet could help speed up his recovery. This motivated us to start our business and educate other pet parents about how good nutrition can enhance their pet’s quality of life.


What’s your favorite part about running your food truck?

We now spend more time with our pups, meet local people and pets at pet events, and share our passion for pet nutrition with pet parents.


Talk about your pet food delivery service.

We offer free delivery of our products, with no minimum order, to the whole Jacksonville area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


In three words, describe Pet Wants.

Fresh. Local. Delivered.


With NEFla’s booming food-truck scene, the area really needed one just for pets. Bringing fresh food and healthful treats to street corners—and the homes of local pets—appears to be an innovation for which the region is ready. Ultimately, what a pet wants, a pet gets.