Answered Prayers

Everything changed the moment that Jason Underwood and Lauren Wyckoff brought dogs into their lives. They found they hardly ever wanted to leave their pups home alone, so they did what most pup owners do—they took them everywhere. They quickly realized there weren’t too many places where people and their pups could be together and have a good time.

That’s when they turned to each other and said, “Let’s open a dog park bar.” Now the couple is nearing the debut of BrewHound, a leash-free watering hole where dogs can run amok while humans sip craft beer and coffee.


Davi: Tell me all about BrewHound Dog Park + Bar.

Jason & Laura: It’s a place that celebrates the great outdoors, where people can hang with their pups, enjoy a specialty coffee, local craft beer and wine on tap.


When did you unleash the concept?

We were sipping greyhound cocktails outside a resort, missing our pups back home, and got talking about why there aren’t more places where people can take their pups and have fun together—and then BrewHound emerged.


How can people be BrewHound members?

Fetch your human, go online to get a prepackaged membership. We’ll send a membership application and a request for shot records and a favorite picture of your pooch. Easy-breezy!


What’s required to enter the park?

Nothing is required to visit the beer garden—not even a dog! However, daily, monthly or annual membership fees are required to enter the off-leash area, to ensure all dogs are current with their vaccinations.


Should I be concerned about my safety?

Your safety is our priority. Ruffarees will always be walking around the park, making sure pups are playing nicely, and the park is being kept clean.


Will there be separate play areas for small and not-so-small dogs?

Absolutely! We offer designated areas of unleashed freedom for small and large breed dogs to run and play. Little ones are welcome in the large dog area, but large dogs are not permitted in the small dog park.


What rules must all dogs follow?

Everyone, always, must play nice—no aggressive behavior or bullying. Food and treats are not allowed in The Yard. And, for safety reasons, all dogs 10 months or older must be fixed to be permitted in the off-leash areas.


What’s brewing at the bar?

Bold Bean specialty coffees will be served and a variety of local craft beers and wine will rotate on tap. We will also carry canned beers and tasty cocktails, as well as loose-leaf hot and iced teas from Yum-Cha, our local tea magicians.


What words best sum up BrewHound?

Dogs, drinks and unleashed adventure! We’re all about cultivating connection within the community and connecting people and dogs in a natural setting.


Where is this new dog park bar located?

BrewHound is at 1848 Kings Cir. S., tucked behind the trees in gorgeous Neptune Beach.


Nothing gets my tail wagging more than the excitement of setting paw on new grounds. BrewHound, like life, is meant for good friends and great fun. No exact opening date has been announced, but the duo is aiming for spring 2019. For now, you can follow along at @brewhounddogparkbar.