Religious Freedom Laws

The 60 day period when the Florida legislature votes on bills is coming to an end. What is your wish list for next session?

In this session, the Florida Legislature passed HB 741 which added religion to Florida statute 1000.05. My wish list for the next session is that the legislators pass a bill that :

1. Will make the anti-discrimination laws apply to all schools receiving public money. My understanding is Florida statute 1002.33 already makes charter schools comply with Florida Statute 1000.05. We need a bill that clarifies that private schools receiving voucher money ​(either directly or via the tax credit scholarship scheme​)​ in addition to the neighborhood schools and the charter schools must comply with all the anti-discrimination rules in 1000.05.

2. Will add to f.s. 1000.05: “This religious freedom law should not be interpreted to authorize one person to cause harm to another person.”

3. Will require sensitivity classes because prevention is better than punishment. We all hope that most of the bigoted language that people use is out of ignorance rather than out of hatred. Bigoted language can lead to hatred and violence. Words have power.