In My Neighborhood: St. Augustine

KYLE DUMPSON Trolley conductor

“We’ve got it made in the Ancient City. The food is so good. There’s a little bit of everything here, too. St. Augustine Seafood Company has your shrimp baskets and fresh-catch sandwiches in a fast casual atmosphere. It’s perfect for lunch, as is the Grilled Cheese Gallery. Located right on the Plaza de la Constitución, the GCG is sammie heaven. (Also home to unicorns.) Meehan’s Irish Pub & Seafood House is your ideal spot for oysters, any style, and a panoramic view of Matanzas Bay (ask for a table upstairs, and tell ’em Kyle sent you).  Prohibition Kitchen has your burgers, including the famed Bootlegger (with smoked bacon, fried pickled green tomato slice and housemade pimento cheese). Hangry for a slice of pizza? Head down King Street to Carmelo’s Pizzeria. It’s next door to Carmelo’s Marketplace and service station. Can’t miss it. The one area that St. Augustine needs to work on, in my humble opinion, is late-night eats. Barley Republic Irish Public House and South-A-Philly Steaks& Hoagies are after-hours oases in a city that rolls up the sidewalks way too early. Thankfully, these two establishments are hella sumptuous oases, offering copious portions of comfort food to help ease the transition between party mode and sleep mode. When at you’re at Barley, try the Buffalo-style chicken tenders. When at South-A-Philly, chow down on—what else?—a cheesesteak!”