Emotional Rescue

My typical day starts with a big hug, a hearty breakfast and a walk around the block. It’s tough to say which ritual I like best. That’s the thing about morning rituals. They give us something to look forward to the night before and set the tone for the day.

The one constant for canine massage therapist Doryan Cawyer is Reiki. The Japanese technique is a regular habit in her household, and her dogs dig it, too.



Davi: Tell me about yourself.

Doryan Cawyer: I’m a certified canine massage therapist and Reiki practitioner with a background in naturopathy. I’m a true animal lover and I’m especially passionate about animals’ emotional healing, which inspired me to pursue my dream of Jade Paws Canine Massage.


How did you get started in Reiki?

My dog inspired me to learn about holistic and natural healing. Through research, I learned about Reiki, homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition. After receiving Usui Reiki One training, I practiced on myself and my pets; now I assist others.


What exactly is Reiki?

It’s essentially an energy healing practice that helps bring body, mind, emotions and
spirit into harmony, using intuitive touch. In a session, one person passes healing, calm and positive energy to another.


What can Reiki do for dogs?

Reiki reduces anxiety, relieves physical and emotional stress, and boosts the body’s own healing abilities. During a Reiki session, muscles are relaxed, and energy flow is unblocked. This helps reduce physical tension and pain. And anxiety and stress lessen, helping animals recover from emotional trauma.


How does Reiki help with physical and emotional healing?

Reiki can help heal emotional wounds and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It creates harmony and balance in the entire body, giving an overall sense of well-being.


Are there some animals that need different healing techniques?

Yes. Some animals are not comfortable with physical touch, due to experiences with humans or physical ailments. These animals are in a state of anxiety or fear and resist connecting with others. I practice a variety of techniques to help animals build trust and find balance.


Reiki has five principles; one is BE GRATEFUL. How do you live by this?

I embrace life with an attitude of gratitude! I begin every day by thinking of all the things for which I’m grateful. The list is infinite, and I add to it daily. Gratitude is a choice that leads to a happier life—I choose to be happy.


I don’t consider myself much of a Zen dog. In fact, I can hardly meditate for more than a minute without thinking about what I want for lunch. Even I, a canny canine, was able to experience the benefits of the ancient treatment. Reiki has the power to soothe, heal, relax and energize. You can never go wrong making relaxation part of your daily routine. If you find something that feeds your soul, you’ll start enjoying better days!