What will happen to our neighborhood schools?

Rather than ​increasing the funding for ​vouchers to subsidize private tuition, I would prefer DeSantis and our Florida Congress use the public money to fund more Community schools (which is a neighborhood school that also offers a bunch of services to the community). The majority of Florida students attend the free neighborhood and magnet schools. Let’s make those schools great! IF parents choose to send their kids to private schools, then please let them seek scholarships from private donors if they can’t afford the tuition.

If DeSantis and the Congress are going to continue to give tax credits to various corporations and individuals, then the recipient should be any 501(c)(3) not just Step Up for Students. The tax credit should be 30% (or less) of the donation. The current $ for $ credit means the corporation is NOT making a donation. They are simply giving their tax dollars to Step Up For Students. They haven’t actually made a donation, i.e. they just funneled the tax payment to Step Up For Students.

Here is the link to SB 7070 which is being debated in committee on March 19: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2019/07070

Did the voters really intend to vote for people that seem determined to use taxpayer money to subsidize private tuition?

Quote from https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/os-op-paula-dockery-vouchers-20190314-story.html : “Does the state have so much money that it can fully fund our public education system, meet our other needs and then throw some money at those wanting to send their children to private schools using tax dollars? The answer is no. … “