The Face of Pawfection

Being a dog has plenty of terrific perks. Rolling in smelly spots, snoozing anytime you want, and eating treats. In fact, “treat” is one of the most recognized words in the domestic canine lexicon.

So it’s no wonder the dog treat market is booming. Folks want to treat their pets, and while canine crunchies aren’t just boring boxes of bone-shaped things on store shelves anymore, the reasons to reward Sherlock Bones with nutritious snacks are the same.

Trying to give her dogs healthier treats propelled Amy Gorman to make them herself, so she’d know what her dogs ate. She baked biscuit treats—dogs reacted with rave reviews, and folks were requesting more. Amy soon realized she could turn her talent for treat-making into a successful business.


Davi: What inspired Pawfection Bakery?

Amy: I started reading dog treat labels and was horrified by the ingredients, so I decided to make my own. I donated batches to local rescues for fundraisers; dogs loved them. People asked where they could get more; that’s when Pawfection Bakery was born.


What’s most challenging about the bakery?

I’m a one-woman show, so I do it all: baking, packaging, events, social media. Girl power!


What’s a typical day like?

It depends whether I’m baking, delivering, or packaging treats. I devote a whole day to one flavor, from dawn to dusk.


What sets your treats apart from others?

Ingredients and shelf life. Our treats are grain-free with a touch of vitamin E—great for skin, coat and digestive system. The shelf-life for each package is 18 months.


Any dog treat disasters?

Plenty! When we first started, we had over 20 flavors. I quickly learned there was no way that would work, so we narrowed it down.


How long does it take to perfect a recipe?

I formulate all my own recipes. Once I find the perfect mix, I replace some ingredients with different flavors.


What’s your favorite biscuit ingredient?

Peanut butter. My dogs love cleaning the containers!


Do you taste your treats?

I don’t, but I know people who do!


Most popular flavor combos?

Peanut butter is super-popular, but blueberry-banana is one of my favorites.


How do you make treats both nutritious and delicious?

When it comes to baking, less is more. Our treats have five ingredients or less. We go that extra mile, using only the very best ingredients, which means fresh fruits and vegetables, and the best flour money can buy.


What exciting new flavors are coming up?

Pumpkin! It’s great for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and it’s so popular.


There’s a good reason Pawfection Bakery dog treats are the first choice of local pups: They’re delicious! (The treats, not the dogs!) Amy Gorman’s snacks, with yummy flavors and good-for-pooch ingredients, keeps tails wagging. Bone appetit!


Pawfection Bakery, 626-1676,

Davi the Dachshund does most anything for a treat—but his mom doesn’t require backflips or paw-stands, just love.