Pets Like Me: Rowdy

Rowdy, an excessively fluffy rescue cat, doesn’t seem too damaged by being left behind, brushing off the abandonment like she would a vase on a table—kerplunk. It took time for her to dig her claws into her new pad, but she’s now well and truly comfy as a member of the household. In fact, she thinks she’s the head honcho. And rightly so—she’s a cat.



Davi: What was your first thought when you woke this morning?

Rowdy: Every morning I think about meditating, doing yoga and finally starting on that “Kit-O” Diet. But then I eat and sleep for nine hours; then eat.


Tell me what being a nomad was really like.

Some may say I’ve had a downright Dickensian youth. My original “owner” moved to Texas and decided she couldn’t “keep me.” I was eventually rescued by my perma-folks, Dan and Erica. I’ll tell you: unless you’re a Deadhead or catnip smuggler, the nomadic life is way overrated.


Which of your traits gets you in trouble?

At times I wonder if my given name set the course for my very being. I’m moody and surely rowdy. I like to barrel around and knock stuff over. It thrills me to no end!


What ‘old cat’ things do you do?

If fat packing and staring into space are “old cat” behaviors, I’m a veritable Methuselah.


What would you eat every day if you could?

My fave: Iams® Proactive Health™ Indoor Weight & Hairball Care. I find it delicious and nutritious with vital vittles that help me enjoy a salubrious, healthy life.


What song gets you bouncing?

My favorite music is Everything’s Better, One Eleven Heavy’s debut album; a fave of NPR and Mojo Magazine; available on Spotify and iTunes! Also, my dad’s in the band!


When did you make your artistic debut?

After I was adopted, Dad began photographing my siblings and me, caught in various “crimes.” I’ll just be standing around, minding my own business, then “click!”—within minutes I’m on social media.


How are you dealing with internet fame from the “Busted” memes?

I adore my fans and their outpourings of love and light. But good vibes don’t pay the bills so I’m hoping this story results in some endorsement deals.


Do you get along with your feline family?

I’m thick as thieves with my baby brother, Cosmo Brown-La Spada, and enjoy epic battles with my older sister, Emily Dickinson-Brown-La Spada.


What’s the best part about being in a family?

Unconditional love, helping make up the beds, and snuggling as we binge-watch Unsolved Mysteries.


Cats are strange, there’s no denying it. Walk around the block with one lurking nearby and you’ll realize that these fantastic beasts might literally be staring into your soul. When I bark, they react, making me wonder if they’re annoyed with me or poking fun at my floppy ears. No doubt, cats have more than a few quirks we don’t understand. No matter, we love them all the same.


Davi the Dachshund embraces all animal species. Except maybe certain kinds of rodents, aka ‘dinner.’