Bold New Year

January 2, 2019
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The Old Year brought change to the Folio Weekly newsroom. The New Year gives us a chance to really start again. This independently and locally owned alternative community weekly is your forum, folks. We’re digging into local issues, naming and shaming local villains and shining a well-deserved spotlight on our local heroes. And we want to hear from you. As editor of this fine publication, my mission in 2019—should I choose to accept it (and I do)—is to put my pen down and listen. Reach out and, like The Four Tops, I’ll be there. Tell me a story, give me a lead, and I’ll assign one of our fine writers on the case. Hell, maybe you want to be one of those writers. (It is a noble profession.) I’m listening.



I look forward to interviewing Jacksonville’s movers and shakers in 2019, attending
lots of art shows, and writing about those who are elevating Jacksonville’s cultural scene in exciting new ways. While I write mainly about art and culture, I’m also excited to launch Folio Weekly’s Kid Picks this month, bringing the very best of Northeast Florida’s youth events, classes and cultural attractions to families on a weekly basis.



The tail end of the year has arrived, giving me official calendar-changing permission to feel fresh and take on whatever bone life throws my way. It’s time once again to shed the old and prepare to unleash new possibilities. That said, I plan to start 2019 on the right paw and follow new leads, sniff out stories and bark about all things pet. Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews from local pets and people, helpful pet care tips and veterinary advice from local vets. As the hound-around-town, I’ll spill the deets on local digs where you can sit, stay and play every day. Some might say I have a nose for it.



I was extremely excited to be added to the Folio Weekly crew in 2018. The venue has opened up an array of opportunities for political satire, and gives Northeast Florida something it has been missing for a number of years: a local cartoonist. The editor and publisher have both given me a long leash to explore topics rich for satirical evaluation, and I am excited about the prospects for 2019. My goal is to continue to report truth to power, with cartoons that are both funny and biting. I would also like to experiment with more sequential graphic reporting, utilizing a strip format to tell stories that relate to the residents of Jacksonville. One other idea is a series of caricatures, focusing on both the fire and flaws of local personalities.



As a general rule, I try to avoid making New Year’s resolutions. I lack the discipline for long-term planning, and I prefer to improvise as the moment demands. But in terms of the work, I’m looking forward to 2019 being even busier than last year, which was easily my most productive year ever in the business. The medical marijuana market will continue to expand, almost exponentially, as the push for full legalization begins in earnest. Meanwhile, Northeast Florida’s arts and music scene is finally realizing its vast potential. The local elections in spring will go a long way toward determining the shape and scope of our community for the next decade to come; whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen. Overall, it’s a great time to be alive in Jacksonville. Let’s hope it stays that way!



In the year of our Lord Two-Thousand-and-Nineteen, (or twenty-nineteen, as our esteemed Senior Editor Marlene Dryden would have us say) I’d love to see a DIY music revolution in the Jacksonville area. As someone who likes to keep his ear to the streets, I will make it my duty to highlight musicians who are producing independent creations that don’t fall into scene traps. I want to share singular visions that were recorded in bedrooms, among other places. I want to tell the stories of musicians who have been performing to an audience of 10 most nights since the early 2000s, as well as tell you about performers who take the rock/punk/hip-hop/noise/barbershop/etc. genres to strange new places. This is the year in which we throw open the curtains on local music to take a look at the legends and new contributors who are destined to be your new favorite artists.

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