Pets Like Me: Percy

There’s something about a senior dog’s eyes. Look into them, and you see wisdom there, well beyond their years on Earth. They just draw you in. They make you think.


Bad Old Good Feller

Davi: In a sentence, how would you sum up your life?

Percy: I’m an unapologetic, sweetheart-stealing, bad boy.


What advantages do older dogs have over younger pups?

We generally have safety protocol down to a science. I regularly patrol the perimeter to keep it clear of squirrels and cats and, I must say, I am an expert in my field.


Tell me the best thing about you.

I am very handsome; people stop my parents on the street to tell me so.


What “old dog” things do you do?

Very few; I defy my age. Though I do take  pleasure in carefully licking my sore paws.


What food do you crave most often?

I love French-style yogurt. Mom eats it as a snack and always shares with me.


What would you do if you could be invisible for a day?

I’d sneak out the front door and spend the day doing off-leash activities, which would include running along the fence of my nemesis: Across-the-Street-Ozzy. That guy’s a real jerk.


What does a perfect day look like to you?

A perfect day is when my mom and I head to the beach to walk for a couple of miles, and then stop and share cheesy crackers with peanut butter, and then head home, take a nap and watch something about the British Monarchy on TV.


If you could ask your human a question, what would it be?

“Why don’t you lick your paws?”


What is the best part of being in a family?

The sofa.


If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?

That’s an easy answer. I’d climb a tree and surprise those squirrels that taunt me daily. That’d show ’em.


Tell me  something you’d happily do again.

Run next to my mom on her bike.


In one word, describe your family.



The love of an old dog is a special kind of love; a love that not many are fortunate enough to know in their lifetime. It creates sympathy for old age, realizing that one day, we’ll all move slower, see things less clearly and look forward to lazy midday naps.

The love of an old dog helps you realize that true beauty is not in hiding the gray, but in embracing the softness of every silvery strand. It means taking more pictures, shorter walks, ordering juicy burgers and going for car rides just for the fun of going.

An old dog’s love means more cuddles, kisses, belly rubs and knowing there is—and will always be—a shadow by your side.

The love of an old dog makes each day more special, and life more precious.


Davi the dachshund knows every living thing on Earth gets old—if they’re lucky.