Wag-Worthy Breweries

Anyone who’s spent time at any Northeast Florida breweries knows how common it is to see dozens of dogs schmoozing at the pub. Dogs love to be around people, and people like the company—and the potential to post darn cute pictures. On Instagram, #dogfriendlybreweries is a trend.

But according to the Duval County Florida Department of Health, bars, bottle shops and breweries are bound by the same health codes as restaurants—tagging beer as food, which means that dogs aren’t allowed inside. The one exception is service animals. Guess a pooch needs a job before it’s allowed to belly up to the bar.

So what to do when you want to toss back a few but have your pooch with you? Find a place with an outdoor space. In the Sunshine State, dogs are still permitted on patios and outdoor areas. Here are some of my favorites.


Aardwolf Brewing Company 1461 Hendricks Ave., San Marco. Microbrewery in the heart of San Marco offering unique brews with a good vibe and a paved outdoor patio.

Bold City Brewery 2670 Rosselle St., Ste. 7, Riverside. Comfortable, friendly place to share a pint or two of craft beer beside your four-legger in the outside seating area.

Bottlenose Brewing 9700 Deer Lake Court, Ste. 1, Southside. Cool brewery that serves house and local brews in hip, laid-back digs, with a pet-friendly patio.

Engine 15 633 N. Myrtle Ave., Springfield. The brewery’s Downtown-adjacent location has been closed for modifications, but due to reopen any day now, which means pups can soon chill at the outside biergarten whilst you play yard games.

Green Room Brewery 228 Third St. N., Jax Beach. Superchill brewpub at the beach, with a large selection of local beers and an outdoor deck for dogs and humans.

Hyperion Brewing Company 1740 Main St. N., Springfield. Nano-brewery with a refreshing taproom experience, serving a rotating lineup of beers. The outside patio is super-cute with sunshades to keep you and your dog cool.

Kanine Social 580 College St., Riverside. A unique venue that combines an indoor-outdoor dog park with a beer, wine and coffee bar. It’s a perfect gathering spot for pups and people alike.

Main & Six Brewery 1636 Main St. N., Springfield. A craft beer brewery in Historic Springfield showcasing hop-forward beers, cold-brew coffee, and an outdoor patio where quadrupeds and bipeds can hang out together day and night.

Wicked Barley Brewing Company 4100 Baymeadows Rd., Southside. Warm and inviting gastropub that serves bar food
and beer, with a pet-friendly waterfront beer garden.

Cracking down on canines in breweries is not-so-great news for local watering holes, but take heart: Jacksonville is a dog-friendly city. There are plenty of places where pups can join their beer-drinking compadres outside. Dogs and beer are huge parts of many lives; a pint glass and a leash go hand-in-hand, literally. The best way to support local businesses that do allow dogs, beyond making purchases, is to follow its rules. Common courtesy can also help to ensure a safe, pleasant experience for everyone and make certain dogs stay part of the community brew experience.


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