A Noble Lunch

Plantology Juice Bar & Café on Atlantic Boulevard is a nice introduction to eating plant-based for those new to meatless. Their offerings are healthy and diverse and the killer smoothies are fresh and very filling.

Plantology is run by some of the owners of the previously established Watts Juicery, so you can expect the same great plant-powered zing from the same local ownership.

If you’re looking for something to chew, check out the chalkboard specials. I found the hearty Loaded Breakfast Burrito ($13), a wrap full of tofu, veggies, avocado slices and coconut bacon. You’re a fool if you don’t splurge 75 cents for nacho cheese sauce made from cashews and love. The adorbs folks at Plantology offered a small cup of cubed pineapple with a dash of cinnamon, which made for a great, and original, combo.

On the regular menu, check out sandwiches like (Un)Tuna Salad Sandwich ($9), my companion’s favorite, though we agreed it didn’t taste like tuna. Perhaps the day’s batch lacked in fishiness, but regardless of un-tuna-ness, the hearts of palm mixture tucked between two slices of bread, with pickled red onion, lettuce and tomato, was delicious.

The coconut bacon and eggplant bacon are made in-house; the latter is served with the ELT Sandwich ($9), Plantology’s take on the BLT. It’s so popular, they were out of eggplant—if it’s that good, I’m looking forward to trying it next time.

I love that you can add capers, kraut, avocados, pickled onions, coconut bacon, spinach, chopped almonds and coconut yogurt to any dish. These little additions pump up the flavor profile and light up your taste buds. They also satisfy your hunger, particularly if you’re new to eating vegetarian and worry about feeling full.

On to the specialty: juices. You gotta try the housemade almond Mylk (almonds, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt, water). All juices are fresh-squeezed and served in nice bottles that keep well in the fridge. The Jade is the most popular powerhouse green juice; it packs a punch with kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, fennel, aloe, chlorella, ginger and lime ($10). If you’re looking for something more approachable, check out the lighter, sweeter Nirvana with orange, grapefruit, ginger and cayenne ($9).

We left the Thin Mint smoothie ($11) for last, for dessert (there are rules, ya know), and holy smokes! It’s the ultimate of ultimates when it comes to being refreshing and satisfying a sweet tooth. The best part is that with its wholesome ingredients—chocolate protein powder, cacao nibs, mint, frozen avocado and almond milk—it’s actually not terrible for you. Yes, eat this as your meal. It’s definitely filling enough!

Gotta love a local company, especially when they support local, too. Plantology uses bread from Ferra Bakery on Philips (who also sell at Beaches Green Market) and they source greens from Atlantic Beach Urban Farm. They’re clearly committed to making the community a place where you can eat good food that’s good for everyone.


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