Tropical Depression: Composer Cory Driscoll Collaborates with Long Road Projects & Avant

Tropical Depression by Cory Driscoll

Friday, September 14 at The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Composer Cory Driscoll, impacted by Hurricane Matthew in 2017, began writing an album that focused on the experiences of his youth into adulthood living in Florida, a tropical place known for its beaches, sun, and storms. As Hurricane Irma crashed onto the Florida coastline, he found himself without power and finishing the album.

Tropical Depression, bookended by Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, reflects Driscoll’s relationship with the beauty, power, and, at times, depression of living in Florida.

Meteorologist Mike Buresh will give a short talk about the intersection between storms, weather, and living in Northeast Florida. Driscoll will then give context for the pieces of music performed by musicians from around the United States who worked with Driscoll to record the album.

A limited edition run of 70 lathe-cut vinyl records will be pressed and for sale at this performance. For more info check out