I scream, You Scream…We all Scream With Ice Cream Headaches

Last month, a friend of ours asked my husband, a medical doctor, why it is that we sometimes get brain freezes when we eat ice cream.  Interesting question and it got me thinking.  Have you ever noticed that those things that cause the most pain, have the simplest solutions?

Take the brain freeze for example. It’s an acute brain pain that can stop us in our tracks. It virtually paralyzes you.  The pain is intense because the nerves have been rattled by the sudden drop in temperature. Immediately, they start sending signals to the brain to tell the body to slow down. Yet, to handle it, all you have to do is one of two simple solutions: put your tongue on the roof of your mouth or drink something warm.  Voila, the pain subsides. Lesson learned. Don’t gulp.

Being in a contemptuous marriage is another situation that causes severe mental pain but can be lessened with a simple solution. I’m referring to the kind of marriage where bitterness and resentment are expressed daily. Where arguments are par for the course or unexpressed resentment and silence ensues. Yet, to maintain a marriage, the simplest thing to do is add in compassion and kindness.  These two ingredients will save a marriage, and with enough repetition, could possibly turn the rudder of divorce to a lasting marriage. It seems crazy to think that being kind and compassionate to your spouse can actually save your marriage and save yourself from enormous mental pain, financial loss and child grievances. It does require daily practice and with nearly every interaction. If the goal is to avoid the mental anguish and financial losses, then this practice is supported by a worthy purpose.

So, how do we handle the heartaches and pains that we suffer in life when a loved one dies, or we lose our job or home?

I’ll share this with you. I have suffered deeply losing a loved one. I have overcome severely challenging stuff too. With the intent of pulling myself up by my bootstraps, I have read a ton of material and have taken numerous courses and webinars.  I have even traveled to Mexico’s pyramids to meet Don Miguel Ruis, author of The 4 Agreements to find workable solutions. Lo and behold, the single most effective way to handle the losses is quite astonishingly easy. It’s so simple, it’s almost incredulous. The solution is to let it go.  Exactly, like Elsa’s song in the movie Frozen.

You might read this and wonder if I’m nuts. But, Let-it-go works!

So, here’s how it’s done. First, you have to intend to not let your “stuff” shape the way you view the world. Second, you must be willing to let your heart feel the emotions of the tortuous event. Yes, this means that you will experience whatever feeling is befitting of the situation or occasion.  Lastly, honor your heart and let it feel every emotion. Let go.  Let it flow through.

Michael Singer, the author of Untethered Soul, analogizes our heart with the notes on a piano. I’m not referring to the physical heart, but the heart chakra. The heart chakra is where the physical and spiritual meet. Singer says that our heart has emotions that range higher than the highest note of a piano and even lower than the lowest.  Imagine watching a movie without a score? Our heart gives us the variety and wonder of life.  Deepak Chopra teaches us that when our heart chakra is open, we are flowing with love and compassion, being quick to forgive and accept ourselves and others.

Singer says, “A wise person allows the heart to freely express itself and doesn’t get lost in it”. This painful stuff can be handled by executing these steps. It takes daily practice to let your current and past pain flow.

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About Veronica Nabizadeh

Introducing Healing Health Coach Veronica Nabizadeh For your Personal Restart Our military life exposed me to many deeply rooted cultures and traditions, which cultivated our family values. I experienced life in various cities in Germany, Korea and Italy before living in the U.S. At an early age, I learned how to pack up and restart somewhere new. It was refreshing to re-invent myself, always hoping to do things better and with more ease. I was born in a scantily populated German town called Landstuhl. My father became an American citizen by enlisting in the Army and we lived in Europe for most of my young adult life. I am the second of four children and am proud to be a first-generation American of Mexican heritage. Today, I'm a devoted wife of 18 years and mom to my seven year-old-princess. While I am a Florida licensed attorney, I have always had the privilege of working with my husband in our medical practice. I've had the opportunity to study life and relationship coaching with Tony Robbins and Strategic Intervention and am a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the Catalyst Coaching Institute. It's easy to renew oneself with the added benefit of youth, change of environment, living under the roof of one's parents and without the bumps and bruises suffered due to life's lessons. We were invincible, indestructible as young individuals. Getting old, feeling old was off the radar. As an adult however, It's so easy to find oneself in a rut. We've paid our dumb taxes (not related to IRS) and suffered through the lessons that life has presented to us. Some of those lessons, being repeats. In a non-sustainable way, we fixed our ideas, shaped our viewpoints, limited our beliefs and all of this negatively impacted the health of our bodies. We start feeling old before our time. Well, on one fine day, I found myself in the fast lane of a downward spiral. I had inadvertently and unequivocally formed a very nice rut for myself and I decided I needed to get out. Pronto. This is the basis for the creation of Personal Restart, a lifestyle and medical wellness practice that helps people do exactly that: Restart. We help people restart their lives through the use of cutting edge coaching practices and state of the art medical science. I have had a personal restart and feel that my life is spiraling up. I believe that everyone has the ability to look and feel their best through self-love, self-healing and self-reliance. Everyone deserves to have their hormones balanced, their energy restored and their limited beliefs replaced by the truth. I'm a self-taught herbalist and aromatherapist, practicing kitchen witchery at home for my family and friends. My kitchen is my favorite place in my home. I love making my own infusions, tinctures and body lotions and filling my medicine cabinet with workable natural products that I've created. Cooking for my family gives me so much joy. I've learned how to prepare healthy noninflammatory meals by fusing Persian and Mexican cuisines. My dream is to gently awaken the powerful spirit in all of us, helping us heal from the inside out, and experience the gift of living through health, gratitude, and forgiveness. It is an honor to write health and wellness articles for EU Jacksonville and it is my hope to share and spread my knowledge of how to do and be your best because it can be done if you so desire. If you want a personal restart, please call us at Personal Restart, 904-565-1001.