News AAND Notes: Baby Jail Edition


Houston’s mayor has a message regarding the proposed detention center for detained immigrant children in his city: Hell to the no. Houston Press reports that Mayor Sylvester Turner held a press conference on June 20 in which he flatly stated that the city was not interested in allowing the warehouse at the deeply ironic address of 419 Emancipation Ave. to be turned into a kiddie ‘don’t call it a jail’ jail. With city councilors, faith and nonprofit leaders by his side, Turner reportedly emphasized that though they “come from diverse backgrounds, they are united in their opposition ‘to the unjust and immoral policy of ripping apart families and taking children away from their families.’”

Some Floridians may struggle to imagine such progressiveness from a mayor, but that’s not all. Turns out Turner was also bummed because the city has been in negotiations to lease the space in order to—get this—shelter long-term homeless people, including offering holistic services and care for those with mental health and substance abuse issues. The Lone Star State is lookin’ mighty fine rn.

The Miami New Times’ Jerry Iannelli is not a fan of flip-flopping senators who betray their own people. Case in point: Senator Marco Rubio, who, Iannelli writes, “out of the kindness of whatever exists where his heart ought to be” toured the Homestead Temporary Shelter of Unaccompanied Children last week. But not before he said some words into a microphone meant to, uh, we dunno, make him seem less like a hypocrite who, despite being the child of immigrants, takes money from one of Immigrations & Customs Enforcement’s top detention facility contractors and supports detaining entire families, because he thinks they’ll all flee if released. (That, or he believes a cage is where the heart is.) Never mind that only 25 percent of people released on their own recognizance had immigration cases decided in absentia in 2016, as Iannelli points out.

Unfortunately for Rubio, all was not to be polite applause and muffled yawns. Midway through his speech, protestors interrupted by yelling comebacks to his efforts to appear sympathetic and understanding. Rubio isn’t the only one with egg on his face, however. Iannelli writes, “Other political insiders have noted the base hypocrisy of Miami’s Cuban-American community, in general, complaining about policies ‘incentivizing’ asylum-seekers, since Cuban refugees were given preferential “asylum” treatment under the Cuban Adjustment Act for years.”


As much as we would kinda love to see the cheesehead icecapades, the headline refers to the hundreds of Milwaukee residents who gathered outside the local Immigration & Customs Enforcement office to protest family separations and the treatment of immigrants at the border. Though the event occurred the morning after the big DT used a small hand to end family separation (allegedly), Shepherd Express reports outrage remained high. Several speakers included people with family members detained at the border, whose fate remains unclear at present.

The speech from Alysha Ferreyra, whose ex-husband got busted in Wisconsin in June for being undocumented, according to SE, and remains detained awaiting trial and, potentially, deportation to Argentina, which he fled in 2001, was particularly heartbreaking. “It’s really hard to keep in contact because he’s treated like an animal and he’s treated like a criminal, but he’s done nothing wrong,” she said. “My [four] children are just broken … I want someone to help my kids get their family back.”

Seriously, the vice president probs wished he could build a fence around himself when he traveled to Syracuse, New York last week. Throngs of angry upstaters outside the event Vice President Pence attended are featured in a photo gallery by Syracuse New Times’ photographer Michael Davis. Young, old, rich, poor, all pissed and protesting the family separation policy.

Some of our favorite signs include: “Separating families is not pro-life!” “Vice president of child abuse,” “Children are not leverage,” “Trump + Sessions = kidnappers! Use kids for hostages and politics and wall. Inhumane!” and “Pence does Herod’s work.”

Oh, and best of all: “Over 2,000 children are in your concentration camps. Enjoy your lunch.” We bet he didn’t. Then again, no one really enjoys eating crow, now, do they?