Magic Giant: A Magical Musical Awakening

There is a real sense of magic in the power that music has over so many of our hearts. Beating to
the beat of their own drums, the inspirational, fun, and energetic trio Magic Giant will share that
magic with you as their music lifts your spirit to a level so euphoric that your heart and ears
could have never imagined existed. Their lyrics will speak to you as if they were read to you
from a crystal ball, and they will blow your mind as they enchant each instrument you put in
front of them! Friday May 11th, the Magic Giant trio Austin Bisnow, Zambricki Li and Zang
(Brian Zaghi) will be performing and bringing us back to life in extraordinary style at
Jacksonville's Jack Rabbits.

You may be wondering who is Magic Giant? and what makes them so magical? “We all have
different stories about how we ended up here.” Austin explains when asked how this trio got
their start. “I started writing after breaking my ankle playing sports when I was 12. I signed up
for songwriting camp and honestly wasn’t all that excited about it until I got there are realized
song writing was something that I loved. Then there is Zang, who signed up for strings in 3rd
grade thinking it was knitting or string theory and found out it was orchestra. Once he saw the
big bass in the back, he pointed it out immediately and said “I want that one!” All the while
thinking he could look like a ninja turtle carrying a bass on his back at school.” Many years later,

Austin and Zambricki had been jamming together casually when they saw Zang playing backup
bass at a show. After being enamored by the awesome that is Zang at that show and falling down
the YouTube “rabbit hole” and even into a few salsa dancing videos, Austin and Zambricki
asked him if he’d be willing to add two strings to his bass to play acoustic and that’s how the
Magic Giant journey began.

Since then, they have released a self titled EP, a full length album “In The Wind,” and their
newest EP “In The Wind –Acoustic.” Each song tells beautifully written stories of love, life, and
celebrating being different. As each lyric is sung, this crazy talented trio plays what seems like
every instrument imaginable from acoustic guitars, to banjos and harmonicas, and even
synthesizers. It’s unbelievably rare to see such incredible talent in today’s over tuned version of
music on the radio. To say this band is breathing life back into indie music is quite the
understatement. Carefree anthem “Celebrate The Reckless” speaks to the misfit in all of us,
while “Set On Fire” and “Nothin’ Left” will tug on your heart strings, and "Window" and "Shake
Me Up" with their upbeat melodies will encourage you to get up and get out on the dance floor.

When it comes to performing for fans, whether it be at Coachella or in a room for 20, Austin tells
me that he loves the excitement and every type of show setting. “Both acoustic and full energy
shows have great appeal. I love an intimate acoustic setting because it’s personal but, when
there’s a huge crowd there is more of a physical and energetic connection.” I can’t imagine that any Magic Giant show would be short of phenomenal! Whether it be the high energy of beating
drums or the soothing sound of acoustic guitars, fans in Jacksonville are more than excited to see
what surprises these musical wizards have in store for us!
So come let loose, sing, and dance along with Magic Giant on Friday May 11th at Jack Rabbits
for a enchanting, wonderful, and magical musical awakening! Get your tickets online or at the
door! See you there!

For more information about Magic Giant:
Facebook: /magicgiant
Instagram: @magicgiant
Twitter: @magicgiant

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