STAY HEALTHY – How Gina Got Her MOJO Back

Have you ever felt like a sack of potatoes, with no energy to even call your best friend for help or company, or to get yourself excited about the most amazing event that you have been dreaming about? Do you feel that you are doing everything right, eating organically, taking quality supplements, exercising, and sleeping well, but you still find yourself being tapped out in a ho-hum doldrum?

Most of us, at some point in our lives, find ourselves in a rut with no energy to climb our way out of it. It would serve us well to know why, right?

There’s information in abundance everywhere. But it can be downright confusing. A quick google search will provide us with countless articles on lack of energy and how to address that, some as scientific as treating adrenal fatigue and mitochondrial dysfunction.  This could be an extremely confusing path as there are many contradicting studies and opinions. It’s easy to get confused and stay stuck.

The lucky few will find solutions from an existing support base from family, church or mentorship. And, some will resolve to prescription drugs (Adderall, Ritalin or energy drinks). However, most of us don’t know what to do.  

Well, don’t be too hard on yourself.

The truth is, at any point in time, there is an abundance of energy available to us. However, if the path of the energy is blocked, we will be hard pressed to replace that with any external measures as mentioned above.  We might find a temporary fix, but it will not be sustainable.

What is a block? A block can result from a let down, a failed purpose or a loss of something you considered important to you. The blocks could be so subtle, so repetitive and frequent, so seemingly innocuous and some times so deep seated, that we don’t even know this block exists.

Gina had originally presented to us with low energy and feeling drained. A driven female in her early forties, Gina was successful. But, she told us that she had to pull herself up by her boot straps on daily basis. We helped her make the right decision for her body through body alignment exercises and helping her improve her sleep quality. We optimized her hormonal levels, set her up with the right nutraceuticals and bottom line, optimized her life style and chemistry. Gina was amazed with her transformation.  In a 12 month follow-up, Gina told us that something was wrong.

Gina, was lacking her mojo.  She said that every day, she felt like an ominous cloud was over her. She said, she barely had any energy to clean her house much less be sociable with the ladies in her neighborhood.  We established that her body health remained optimized, and upon further discussion, ruled out food allergies or changes in her environment as these items can significantly diminish ones drive or motivation.  We suspected that Gina had a block of some kind and that her energy was trapped.

Blocks can make a person feel down, and extinguish all energy.  After further questioning, we found out that Gina had to postpone the launching of her aesthetic practice due to her husband receiving a promotion with a considerable increase in salary. His new position required him to travel several times a month. His absence produced enormous upheaval in the family.  While their financial situation improved, as did her husband’s happiness, Gina’s purpose came to a screeching halt.

Blocks can appear to look like depression. Energy Medicine and Wellness coaching can identify, diffuse and provide a roadmap to recovery from blocks. When repaired, the results are immediate.  The reservoir of energy opens wide up. This is exactly what we did for Gina, who is now thriving again. If you have any questions or need our help, please call us at 565-1001 or visit

About Veronica Nabizadeh

Introducing Healing Health Coach Veronica Nabizadeh For your Personal Restart Our military life exposed me to many deeply rooted cultures and traditions, which cultivated our family values. I experienced life in various cities in Germany, Korea and Italy before living in the U.S. At an early age, I learned how to pack up and restart somewhere new. It was refreshing to re-invent myself, always hoping to do things better and with more ease. I was born in a scantily populated German town called Landstuhl. My father became an American citizen by enlisting in the Army and we lived in Europe for most of my young adult life. I am the second of four children and am proud to be a first-generation American of Mexican heritage. Today, I'm a devoted wife of 18 years and mom to my seven year-old-princess. While I am a Florida licensed attorney, I have always had the privilege of working with my husband in our medical practice. I've had the opportunity to study life and relationship coaching with Tony Robbins and Strategic Intervention and am a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the Catalyst Coaching Institute. It's easy to renew oneself with the added benefit of youth, change of environment, living under the roof of one's parents and without the bumps and bruises suffered due to life's lessons. We were invincible, indestructible as young individuals. Getting old, feeling old was off the radar. As an adult however, It's so easy to find oneself in a rut. We've paid our dumb taxes (not related to IRS) and suffered through the lessons that life has presented to us. Some of those lessons, being repeats. In a non-sustainable way, we fixed our ideas, shaped our viewpoints, limited our beliefs and all of this negatively impacted the health of our bodies. We start feeling old before our time. Well, on one fine day, I found myself in the fast lane of a downward spiral. I had inadvertently and unequivocally formed a very nice rut for myself and I decided I needed to get out. Pronto. This is the basis for the creation of Personal Restart, a lifestyle and medical wellness practice that helps people do exactly that: Restart. We help people restart their lives through the use of cutting edge coaching practices and state of the art medical science. I have had a personal restart and feel that my life is spiraling up. I believe that everyone has the ability to look and feel their best through self-love, self-healing and self-reliance. Everyone deserves to have their hormones balanced, their energy restored and their limited beliefs replaced by the truth. I'm a self-taught herbalist and aromatherapist, practicing kitchen witchery at home for my family and friends. My kitchen is my favorite place in my home. I love making my own infusions, tinctures and body lotions and filling my medicine cabinet with workable natural products that I've created. Cooking for my family gives me so much joy. I've learned how to prepare healthy noninflammatory meals by fusing Persian and Mexican cuisines. My dream is to gently awaken the powerful spirit in all of us, helping us heal from the inside out, and experience the gift of living through health, gratitude, and forgiveness. It is an honor to write health and wellness articles for EU Jacksonville and it is my hope to share and spread my knowledge of how to do and be your best because it can be done if you so desire. If you want a personal restart, please call us at Personal Restart, 904-565-1001.