Pets Like Me: Remington Grace

Nothing ever gets a good dog down. I’ve seen it time and time again: Dogs with disabilities finding a way to not only cope, but to live joyfully. How others see them doesn’t matter. They find their way and live every moment with a contagious delight. It’s amazing the lessons people can learn from dogs, don’t you think?

Meet Remington Grace

Don’t let misunderstandings influence your opinions on specially-abled pets. Take it from Remington Grace, a dachshund who is coping incredibly well with her handicap: deafness. As you might imagine, being deaf in a hearing world presents a unique set of challenges, but deafness hasn’t stopped her yet. She accepts her condition and is getting on with life.

Davi: How did you become deaf?
Remington Grace: I was born this way.

Can you describe what being deaf feels like?
It feels like things happen around me and I can only sense it through vibrations. Almost like those old silent movies—you can watch, but cannot hear.

How do you communicate with your humans?
I pounce on them and lick their faces!

How do your humans get your attention?
If I’m asleep, they lightly tap my shoulder; otherwise, they just wave or sign.

Is learning sign language difficult?
A little, because I am also slightly vision-impaired, so my parents have to sign very close to me so I can see it. 

Do you get along with other dogs?
Yes! Especially with my older sister Hester Sue.

How do other dogs react to you?
They treat me no differently other than to wonder why I don’t react when they bark at me.

Which sense do you rely on most?
My sniffer!

What’s your favorite type of visual entertainment?
I love chasing around my orange tennis ball!

What is your favorite game?
Definitely chase!

What’s the one thing you can’t do because you’re deaf, that you wish you could?
Hear my humans talk.

Do you sometimes use your deafness to ignore your humans?
My parents think so, lol. 

What lesson can a deaf dog teach?
That it doesn’t matter if you cannot hear or see very well, you can still live life to the fullest and teach others that love comes from the heart.

Do you have a specially-abled pet you want to celebrate? There’s a day for that!

Specially-abled Pet Day celebrates amazing pets who have turned their physical challenges into personal triumphs. Keep in mind that most differently-abled pets have no idea they’re different. In fact, these animals are quite able-able to play, able to love and able to live happy lives.

Pets are resilient and adapt quickly to whatever paw they’ve been dealt. A pet with a disability doesn’t want pity; all he or she wants is a loving home with someone who’s willing to give a little extra time, patience and energy.

Thursday, May 3 is dedicated to all the animals who brave disabilities daily. Everyday tasks may be harder for them but, for these furry troopers, nothing is impossible.