Pets Like Me: Mango and Michigan

The first time that I saw a frog, I was lying in my sunspot on the floor. Its face was pressed up to the window next to me from the outside. I had been thinking about breakfast, but once I noticed it, I couldn’t stop looking. It couldn’t stop looking at me either. If it had been a staring contest, I would have lost. Maybe frogs blink, but with its big eyes smashed against the glass, this one didn’t. I knew right away that frogs were different.

Meet Michigan and Mango:

April is National Frog Month, so I’m marking it with a critter connection. Since these creatures are toad-ally cool, I thought we would take a closer look at two different species: Michigan, an African Bullfrog and Mango, an Albino American Bullfrog.

Davi: How far can you hop?
Michigan: Not very. I have short hops like a toad. My back legs are designed to dig! 

Which ribbit attracts the ladies?
Michigan and Mango:  Deep and loud!

Have you ever escaped from your tank and explored unknown territory?

Mango: Yes! I jumped right out of th
tank and landed in front of a very surprised cat. I panicked and wound up under the bed before being captured.

What are your greatest fears?
Michigan: Deep water. I don’t like to swim very much. 

Mango: Everything! People walking into the room, people leaving the room, cats, dogs, shadows…. Everything might eat me!

Which do you prefer-basking on dry land or bathing in cool water?
Michigan and Mango: Both! Both are super important because we have to stay nice and warm but also need to keep our skin wet.

How do frogs breathe?
Mango: Two ways. No diaphragm, so we use our throats to pull air in and out of our lungs. It’s why we puff. We can also absorb oxygen right through our skin. It lets me stay under water longer.

How do frogs hear?
Michigan and Mango: Same way you do! We don’t have ears, but our eardrums are on either side of our heads.

What makes you different from other frogs?
Michigan: I’m smarter than most frogs, and I guard my tadpoles ferociously against predators. I’ll bite things much bigger than me to keep them safe-I have “teeth” that can cause nasty cuts!

What are your thoughts on the game ‘leapfrog’?
Mango: Love it. My dream is to compete in the Calaveras Frog Jump!

Michigan: Since I can’t jump very well, it makes me sad.

How would you describe your perfect day?
Mango: When nothing scares me and I have lots of crickets to eat!

Michigan: Warm basking, nice mud, and fresh crickets.

If you had a job, what would it be?
Mango: Surveillance! I’m always on the lookout for danger!

Michigan:  Digging trenches.

We really don’t give frogs enough credit. Frogs are vital to the food chain and help to keep insect populations under control. They also eat garden pests that destroy crops, aide in medical advances-and even bring a happily ever after to a number of single princesses. Okay, j/k.


Davi the dachshund kinda wishes that he could catch insects with his tongue. Kinda.