Lulu’s at the Thompson House is the Toast of the Sea

Lulu’s at the Thompson House is like a secret garden where everyone is friendly and no one wants you to go hungry. There’s some seating inside, but outside is where it’s at. It was a beautiful day, so we took full advantage of the sunshine.

The menu is varied without being complicated and has options to please everyone at the table.

Right away, the Thai Green Curry Mussels appetizer ($9) caught our eye. The mollusks sourced from Bangs Island, Maine, were 100 percent divine and HUGE; seriously, they would’ve threatened Schwarzenegger. They’re served steaming hot in the caldera pot they were cooked in, with coconut milk and green curry paste. It’s a happy little party in there. I could eat these every day. Honestly, with an extra order of crusty bread, you’d be happy with these muscular miniatures as a full meal. You can also choose from three sauces: traditional garlic and white wine, lemongrass or chili, but I’m telling you, you to try the Thai green curry.

If you’re not up to hands-on work, Lulu’s sandwiches feature several seafood options. We ordered the Blackened Grouper Sandwich ($10) and the Oyster Po-Boy fully dressed ($11). Both were “I haven’t eaten all day, feed me” size, with the Po-Boy the clear winner. About a dozen fried oysters stuffed into a giant, crusty hoagie-a beautiful sight to behold. Fresh seafood should never be fried, but I make a rare exception for a good fried oyster, and Lulu’s are heavenly. Crunchy outside, creamy inside, everything you could want. No leftovers, please, everyone knows fried oysters are best fresh from the kitchen.

A member of our party was in the mood for something light, so they ordered the soup of the day, Mulligatawny ($10), which is so fun to say. The traditional British soup had a nice light broth and was filled with vegetables, rice and curry chicken. To me, it tasted like a delightful chicken noodle soup with a tasty pop of curry. It definitely satisfied without being too heavy.

I gotta give an honorable mention to the Baja Fish Tacos special ($12). The fish was flaky and well-fried, but it was probably our least favorite thing on the table. Even piled on a corn tortilla, with slaw and a bangin’ sauce, it wasn’t as enticing sitting next to those Green Curry Mussels, staring me down, tempting me to eat another.

Lulu’s also serves brunch, and I’m not sure there’s a more pleasant spot to spend an afternoon discussing life and sipping mimosas. My only wish for Lulu’s is for someone to hand them a waterfront view, because their seafood is SO GOOD. I can’t be the only one who always wants amazing view of the water to go with amazing seafood. Regardless of such a silly wish, the outdoor area is a delight; you’ll be glad you went.