New Music Video: Daryl Hance Has a Sense of Humor?

Mofro co-founder Daryl Hance has a new video for the song “Inside” from 2016’s Wild Blue Iris album. Should be good for a few laughs! It’s a comedy performance piece and another loose tribute to the Beastie Boys’ style of video making. Even had the gear on with the sweats and knit cap, but only because it was really cold. He had a pretty good time making this one. Inside is kind of a serious song, but he’s always more for making videos that are in the comedy/parody/satire realm if it lends itself to that.

A couple shows coming up this week…

2/16 – Lake Shore Bar – Jacksonville, FL
2/18 – Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL

Other than that Daryl’s just a working up a storm recording and trying to get the next album or two together and also still trying to get things upgraded and looking nice at the hacienda. Hopefully he’ll be back out in the world touring soon enough. Stay tuned.

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