B Happy, B Hungry

B Street Eats is all about good food, done low and slow, with a Latin accent. We tried the new one in Murray Hill, mainly because it’s easy to find.

Festive music plays as you salsa through the door, and right away, you’re in the mood for good food. Prepare to be stunned by the amazing wall—hundreds, maybe thousands, of cross-sections of locally sourced tree trunks, all sizes, all kinds of trees, bark-to-bark, like wood paneling on acid. Nice.

While your friends take selfies, peruse the menu—we’re here for the food, after all. Get a sandwich, a salad or box with well-marinated, slow-cooked proteins: 3-day pork, vegan jackfruit or chicken.

This 3-Day Pork thing is a marvel. It’s tender, juicy and mega-flavorful. We ordered Cerdo Con Queso, aka Cheesy Pig ($11.50). When I found out Village Bread rolls were involved, it had to be mine. The toasted baguette includes a full romaine leaf, housemade plum chutney, a wedge or two of creamy brie and Havarti cheese slices. The ample amount of pork nestles down within all this, sprinkled with super-good pickled banana peppers.

I wanted to try a salad because, let’s face it, salads are usually inferior to a good sandwich. However, Salsa de Vida, aka Spice of Life ($9.50), really showed up when it came to taste, salad be damned. The coconut marinated chicken, cut into good-sized chunks and grilled, has a slight sweetness and a definite tenderness from the coconut milk. You feel as if you could get the same results at home—a coconut milk marinade is easy, right!? And yes … yes, you can, but if you want a pro to do it, this is the place. The salad was surprisingly satisfying, with ample mango mayo dressing (probably negates the salad’s health benefits, but who’s watching?), avocado and (my favorite) vibrant, housemade pickled red onions! Each bite endowed me with a nice crispy crunch—the lowly salad option is elevated at B Street.

If you want something besides a sandwich or a salad, The Box is for you. The De Todo un Poco (or Some of Everything) is aptly named; it involves a nice variety of stuff. You get roasted sweet onions, lime rice, black beans (with a nifty little kick) and caramelized plantains. Add your protein: chicken or pork ($11) or fruta loca (crazy fruit, $11.50).

The awesome lunch special is worth a mention—for $9.50, you get a choice of a half-sandwich, with molten queso, chips and a soda. Just the right amount to keep you happy until dinner.

Start or finish off the meal with one of the signature beverages, like horchata, a milky drink with cinnamon (not vegan). It’s creamy and refreshing—not too sweet, just right paired with the food. Salsa out, happy and full, dreaming of your next visit to B Street Eats.