Rock on (AND ON)

Local metal favorites Evergreen Terrance (if you missed their June shows at Nighthawks, here’s your chance to atone) headline a 21-band, day-into-night-long concert sure to light a fire in your belly and make you feel like tackling 2018 the most epic way you can imagine—for some of us, that epic-ness looks like finally setting fire to our démodé shoe collection—but we digress. The bands confirmed (as of press-time) are Boys No Good, Just Like Gentlemen (pictured), Mizzy Raw, Personalities, Cloud9 Vibes, Young Ghosts, Hungover, Inverventions, Phantoms, Puzzles to Pieces, Suck Brick Kid, Boysin, That Guy Treshun, Speech Patterns, Fair Fight, Drowning Above Water, Hippy Blaine, She Bleeds Merlot and Metama. Wear comfy shoes (passé or not).

Doors 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 6 at Mavericks Live, Jacksonville Landing, $15,